Five weeks with no RUSH,

Who do feel will take up the conversation in the best fashion, will it be Roger Hedgecock, Tom Sullivan, Thomas Sowell, Mike Rosen, or my personal favorite Juan E. Williams. Mike Rosen has a unique financial viewpoint, Roger, looks at life from a businessmans world, Tom is across the spectrum, Mr Sowell has made the grade, Mr Williams has arrogance in spades, to pardon the pun. My vote is for Mr Williams, and yours is???

Al Franken. That’ll shock a few regular listeners. :smiley:

At first, I was like, what no Rush, but they’re my favorite group!! Then I realized I was being retarded.

The guy who played Cooter on “Dukes of Hazard” ran for Congress in my district last year, then subbed for the Clear Channel big-talker around Christmastime. He was pretty good, and he’s Cooter. Seems like a no-brainer for Rush’s show, if you ask me.

My brother is the biggest Rush fan. I talked to him on the phone earlier tonight, and I swear that this is what he said about the situation:

“This just shows how honest Rush is, admitting he has a drug problem.”

Yes, I’m ashamed.

Ask your brother why Rush didn’t admit to the problem until he got caught? Why didn’t he turn himself in 5 years ago for committing drug-related crimes? Isn’t that what jesus would want?

Torture his fans. Give Arnold Schwarzenegger his radio spot for a few weeks.

Maybe if Michael Irvin can drop in the studio lmao

Before you know it, the 5 weeks will have sped by and he will be out, and making use of his time by announcing his new mission in life- to bring the amazing recovery that only He could have undergone, to the masses in the form of a 300 page book- 10 pages per day- and a 47 city speaking tour, followed by the inevitable round of t.v. appearances and radio spots. Within a year he will mysteriously go into seclusion, only to reappear a few months later with long flowing red locks, emaciated facial structure and a taste for young acolytes.

It happens all the time. -yawn-


On a serious level, Tom Sullivan, largely because he’s from my hometown.

Donovan McNabb!