Fixin' to go see Kieth Urban

And Kenny Chesney.
8:00pm, Ford Center, OKC.

Look for me! I’ll be the big guy in jeans, boots, and some nondescript shirt. Should be easy to find.

Are you taking some eggs to throw at Chesney? Please say yes.

It was pretty good. Urban was awesome, as usual.

Dirx (sp?) Bently was pretty good. And his bassist is the absolute best looking woman currently on tour. A-MA-Zing. And a very good singing voice.

Ches was Ches. No Tim McGraw, but a good showman. Opened up with A/C D/C’s Back in Black as the prelude to his new song about “We were young, having fun, blah blah blah, with our Rock and Roll hair and our typically bad attitudes” No Uncle Cracker, but he had Bently and Urban come join him in the encore. So… kind of fun.

I was there for Urban, tho. No mistake about that.