Flame Me...Please...


I am kinda new here…well sorta…I was involved with the SD forums about 3 years ago, but the email addy I used (a company email) and the password from my former name is long since gone…(100 bucks to anyone who guesses my former name…)

Anyway, ive never been flamed before, will SOMEONE please look through my posts and flame me in the BBQ pit?

Im feeling left out here :frowning:


How about a mindless :stuck_out_tongue: ?

TY Violet…but I NEED much more abuse than that…oh and please put it in the BBQ pit…


Fait accompli, BlahMan. And you’re better than a Benadryl. Good nite! zzzzzzzzzzz

BlahMan, don’t sollicit flames. Ever.

Furthermore, you are to contact an administrator within 24 hours of this post to inform us of both your Straight Dope screen names, plus a preference which name you would like to keep - as having two screen names is a bannable offense. Thanks for your swift response.

And you’ll hafta contiune feeling that way, you sorry sack of six penny nails. I’m closing this thread. There have been dozens of posters over the years aksing to be flamed. Most of them have been met with derision and scorn—not for the reason they wish, but because their, and indeed all, cry-for-attention threads are lame. And those were actually posted in the Pit—not here in MPSIMS.