Flaming Pitch Tossing Catapult Dope Fest: Who's in?

In this thread Astro was postulating on specifications and useage laws…

I said, “why I’d love to host a Flaming Pitch Tossing Catapult building party at my place” [sub]Tho the wife may frown upon it, it should be an interesting thought project[/sub]

I’ve got 150 acres of not so densly packed wooded area behind my house. There’s a large barn on the lower quarter, and three old corn fields now basically hay fields. The largest of the three has almost 600 yards at length and 100 yards width.

So what would we need?

I’m thinking a Trebuchet may be a better thing to build, but I’m not so sure if we could shoot flaming pitch from it.

So to truly have a flaming pitch tossing catapult we’ll need good strong oak wood, plenty of rope, counter weights hmmm what else?

I have at my disposal, plenty of cutting tools, a backhoe, dry barn in which to work, plenty of large granite slabs, and about 30 to 40 old oak railroad ties behind the barn…(my wife will need some of those for her garden extension in the spring…but she’s probably going to say ‘NO’ anyway, so we can just postulate for now.)

So who wants to consult and which part would you like to consult on?


I’m in IF it also includes that long-ago proposed clam & lobster bake. I mean, c’mon! Good seafood and infernal machines? Who could resist that?
This just in: CT general statutes have no prohibition against infernal machines! (I imagine that the open fire and arson laws may pose a problem, however).

I’m up for construction and I can add another Rhody to the party for Griss.

WRT which type, I think that a swinging-basket trebuchet (such as the War Wolf) may be a little much to plan for. Your granite slabs may lend themselves to a fixed-weight type – if you saw the PBS special on catapults you know the kind I mean.

Yes, the PBS special was fantastic! I loved it…And yes all dogs are welcome, especially ones with kinship. :slight_smile: As for clams and lobsters…sure! I’ll check on CMV for lobsters it may be high this time of year :slight_smile:

I LOVE trebuchets! Lovelovelove. So put me down as a maybe, pending money. I wonder if andygirl would wanna come along for the ride. . .

So the notion is to build one? How long might this be expected to take? When might it happen?

(Who - apart from the clams & lobsters - could doubt that this is a great idea?)

H: I’d love to host a Flaming Pitch Trebuche building party at my place.
W: Never.
H: It’s OK, darling, I’ve got I’ve got 150 acres of forest fire waiting to happen behind my house. There’s a large bonfire on the lower quarter, and three kindling fields.
W: Oh, ok then.

Hey, if the flaming pitch thing falls through, you could always use alternate projectiles, such as pianos or goats.

Clearly I am all over this idea.

But only if there are wenches involved.

Y’know, Phlosphr, I’m down here at 18 degrees North and I think it sounds just smashing. Though I must second andygirl’s request for wenches…

Flaming wenches.

Good Og, we would be SO IN if you’d only tell us where the heck you lived.

I shall provide wench-ness.

Flaming wenches sound great to me. I like all of my women flaming. Especially the wenches.
…or is that not what you mean by flaming?

You want wenches? You’ve got at least one wench, and I’ve got the outfit for it. As for flaming, well, provoke me enough one way, and I may be capable of setting that pitch on fire without a match.

I’ve got the qualifications – I’ve watched Junkyard Wars more often than I care to think about, and I received a good teaching in the basics of engineering (build it so it won’t fall apart) from my father, a research engineer.

Bring on the trebuchets!


Ginger - Connecticut! I live in Connecticut! What’s all this about Wenches? I thought I mentioned that in the OP! Oh guess not. Yes Wenches are good, and allowed. However, they must be treated with respect, as the head wench, my dearest wife carries a 50 pound spiked Mace for if and when the men folk get out of line. careful laddies she’s a brut!

No one has said anything about materials? What will we need?

Connecticut, ay? Sounds like it could be a flaming good time.

Yes. You need a Mrs. Goodwench.