Flaming urine

We’ve all heard the myth of the guy who drank so much booze that when he peed on the fire his urine went up like lighter fluid.

My question is, is it possible to drink enough booze to make your urine flammable?

Anything else that will do it?

Any documented instances of flaming pee?
(I’m looking for alternative fuels for my car.)

A friend sent me this link…it might help back your point :smiley:


notice the beer can on the back of the car…:wink:
P.S. Whatever you do, and no matter how much you like that pic, dont…i repeat dont surf that site. It’s disgusting.

You mean I can write my name in the snow with fire?

I don’t really even have to say what I think of the thread title, do I?

Band name!

Ha! I finally got one!

As to the OP, no it cannot be done. One would be dead of acute alcohol poisoning looooooooooooong before concentrations of alcohol in the urine reached sufficient proof to burn.

Unless you’re talking about how it burns when you pee. That’s a whole 'nother issue.

Scuse me Miss, need a light?

Sure it’s flameable; but it needs a catalyst like a kidney stone to be truely effective.

Just to give some figures, a lethal blood alcohol concentration is 0.6 % (or less). I doubt that urine could become more concentrated than this, because it would take some time for the kidneys to process the blood, and you’ld be dead before that.

The minimum proof recommended to flambe food is 60, or 30 percent, which I assume is close to the minimum concentration of an alcohol-water mixture that would be flammable.

Therefore the minimum concentration of alcohol needed to produce flammable urine is about 50 times higher than one that would kill you.

Giving yourself a “urinary tract enema” with vodka would probably do the trick. I bet that’d hurt A LOT ! Probably make things shrivel up and drop off too. Guess it all depends on how badly you want flaming pee.

As a matter of fact, I’ve actually done this!

No, really, I have. I brought along a small can of Ronson lighter fluid on a camping trip, and then waited for the proper moment when everyone else was away from the fire but could still see me. I gave everyone a side profile, unzipped my pants (but did not let the sea otter out to play) and squirted most of the contents of the can onto the campfire. Big flames, big laughs.

But it won’t exactly get you into Oxford. I shouldn’t have to tell you not to try this–it’s alarmingly unwise, because the flame can creep up the stream, and you know where it’s being held.

This has to be a fairly old maneuver since I learned it from my father, who was a fantastic role model, let me tell you. My guess would be that some joker decided not to let anyone else in on the trick one night, and the story got around.

“I dunno, what happened maw…but I just shot the dawg!”

How about besides alcohol?

Will drinking sterno do the trick?

Anything else?


My uncle did something similar back in the 70’s. Only with charcoal lighter fluid. The fire shot into the can, exploded on him, and ruined his polyesther leisure suit. And 72% of his skin, which suffered 3rd degree burns.

I’ll stick to lighting farts…

Since Sterno contains methanol I suspect it will kill you even quicker that ethanol.

Your pee will reek of The Andromeda Strain.

Unless your town is hit by the Andromeda Strain.

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I don’t know about that. While I was at Oxford I did the exact same thing using the fire that we had built to burn our lecture notes after finals.

[Nostalgia]What japes we had![/Nostalgia]