Hens love roosters
Geese love ganders
Everyone else loves
Ned Flanders!

Absitively posilutely!

I’m going to put the “pal” back in principal.
Keep 'em coming.

Well take out a box of Crayolas and color me Tickled Pink!

The last thing I bought for a woman was a casket!

(not a typical Flanderism, but I thought it was funny, in a tasteless way)


Not me!


Everyone who counts loves Ned Flanders!

I like it when he refers to his moustache as a “soup strainer” or “cookie duster.”

Very loosely translated:

Lisa: Hi Mr. Flanders, did you read the paper today?

Ned: Every word, except the opinions page. I don’t like being told what to think…at least not by anyone living.

He didn’t say it, but I do, in his style:


Everyone who counts
loves Ned Flanders!

And if you really tick me off, I’ll run you down with my car… twitch

During his aggresive early years:

Little Ned: [barging in] Whee! I’m Dick Tracy! [hitting the other kids] Bang! Take that, Pruneface! Now I’m Pruneface, take that Dick Tracy! Now I’m Prune Tracy, take that Dick…
Dr. Foster: Hey! Stop it at once!

Earlier in that episode, after the house built for the Flanderses collapses:

Ned: Calm down, Neddly diddily diddily diddily, doodily. They did their best shoddily iddily iddily diddily diddily. Gotta be nice, hostility-dididildilidilly ah HELL diddily ding dong crap! Can’t you morons do anything RIGHT!?

Don’t forget “pushbroom.”

Son of a diddly!

Flanders: Homer, why did you go through my flower bed?

Homer: Can’t build a float without flowers.

Flanders: Well, okay, but did you have to salt the earth so that nothing could ever grow again?

Homer: Heh heh…yeah.

If it’s yella’, you got juice there fella’. If it’s brown, you’re in cider town.

And examples of other people using Flanderisms, such as…

Jose Flanders: Buenos Ding dong didlyos, senor!

**Lord Thistlewick Flanders: ** Charmed. nudge …Eh, a googily…doogily.

Just relax, and let the hooks do their work.

Time for some re-Neducation!

<Scared>I think I’m coveting my own wife!</Scared>

“Why it’s Lisa Simpson! Springfield’s answer to the question NOBODY ASKED!

Half the quotes in this thread are from that episode.

Boys, get Daddy’s exorcism kit.

Boys, get Daddy’s burying shovel.

Yay! :smiley:

Whoa! Good thing I was wearing a piece of the true cross!

I can’t believe no one posted the ultimate…
Okley Dokley!

Boys, get Daddy’s emergency baptism kit.