Flash-based images flickering when I rollover with my mouse - why?

Earlier this week, my computer went mental. I was able to fix everything except the sound (new sound card on the way).

However, I notice that whenever I roll my mouse over a Flash-based object (such as the buttons on the left side of this site), the objects will flicker. Also, when I visit a site that has a Flash-based pop up (such as DVD Review), the pop up will flicker the whole time it is on the screen.

I am currently using IE 6.0 and have the latest Flash plug-in.

This does not occur when I use Opera 7.0 so the problem is obviously in Internet Explorer.

How to I fix the settings in IE to fix this problem.

I did Google the problem and consulted Macromedia’s forums, but all the advice was aimed at flickering problems during the creation of Flash objects.

I’m gonna bump this once.