Flash snapshots

I’ve found something a website that I’d like to save to my computer, but due to the fact it’s a flash object, I at a loss on how do do that.

Is there a way to capture or save a a picture of a flash object?

Specfically, I’d like to save something from here.

Or at least be able to access it without going to the web site.

Just take a screenshot, also called a screen capture or screen grab. The Print Screen key will do this, and so will many image editing packages, like Photoshop and Paintsho Pro (which I use). If you can’t get it to work just let me know what particular thing you want to capture, and can email you a GIF or JPEG.

In case you are not sure what to do after hitting the Print Screen key, open Paint and then go to the menu “Edit” -> “Paste” and it should open the screen capture in Paint where you can then Save to the jpg format.

Paint is a minimal graphics application at best. If you find it doesn’t have the features you need, I also recommend Paint Shop Pro.


Have fun!