Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks song?

This might be a (relatvely) new Fleetwod Mac song or just Stevie Nicks solo. Please tell me title/artist singing the following:

Time won’t let you forget me
I could have loved you, but you wouldn’t let me
I will follow you down
The voice of the woman who loves you will haunt you
(or lyrics very close to this)

Another clue, the beginning verses and ending verses are the same. Something about a “silver stream”, I think…?

Thanks, fans

  • Jinx

It’s “Silver Spring” by Fleetwood Mac. Full lyrics.

There are two different versions of this song done by Fleetwood Mac. The original was recorded during Rumors and is a B side single. IIRC, it is on B side of “You make lovin’ fun”. And the version recorded for “The Dance”. Personaly,I like the Rumors version better.

Yes, the song is named for Silver Springs Maryland

Speaking of rumors…It’s said that Stevie Nicks wanted to include the Rumors version on the LP instead of 'Dreams", F.M.'s only #1 song. As well wanting to include it on her compilation “Timespace”, she was refused and formaly left F.M. over it.