Flo for Progressive Insurance: Hot, or not?

We’ve discussed this before, more than once, but not since the polling feature was enabled. I want the yeas and nays.

We all know Flo, the white-garbed spokesbabe for Progressive Insurance. Is she hot or not? There are no fence-sitters here–she either floats your boat, or she doesn’t.

Personally, I find her repelling. She wears way too much makeup and I don’t like her cloying, dippy personality. But mileage seems to very on this one, a lot.

Flo is hot! Not a great physique but cute as hell, with a personality to match.


I have recently grown to the point where I don’t have to turn the channel immediately.

Hot. So totally not my type, but very hot nonetheless.

Wow, nearly 50/50. I thought there’d be maybe 5 or 10 percent who thought “hot”.

Dopers are weird. Flo isn’t hot.

I’m fairly certain her un-hotness is a premise of the commercials.

She isn’t hot but it is obvious she wants to be; she does flirt and she does it well. I think she might a fun person to hang out with for a while, but I suspect she would turn out to be very clingy and needy. Plus, she would talk too damn much.

What we see on TV is an exaggerated depiction of a depressed person who is trying to compensate. But I haven’t paid her a lot of attention; I’m sure she is, in fact, a great spokesperson for whatever it is she is selling.

I can’t answer cut and dried. I knew a girl who had exactly the same fashion sense and presence back in the 90’s. She was the alpha bitch cocktail waitress at the local comedy club, I was really good friends with her, we used to sit together in the wee hours of the early morning back in the 90’s, drinking port, and watching relatively fresh episodes of Star Trek: TNG, Beavis and Butthead, Liquid TV, and MST:3000. I secretely had a huge crush on her, but she treated me as subprime, with intolerence, bitchieness, and condescension… had a love hate relationship with her. Will say she was either seriously ahead, or perhaps behind in her fashion sense… Not quite sure which, judging by this thread, some 15 years later.

She’s quirky and interesting in a kinda retro way, but she does nothing at all for my libido. Nada.

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She couldn’t carry Erin Esurance’s thigh-high leather boots.

Not to mention, Ren and Stimpy!

Without the makeup, and in real life, maybe; I tend to be attracted to perky types, if it isn’t all just an act, but in the case of her TV persona the insincerity just leaks thru every pore.

I wouldn’t kick her out of my bed.

I would like to do her. Do her indeed. I think… yup, I’d do her.
If only Erin Esurance was real… sigh

She is barely in the same league as the Geiko Gecko or the Cavemen. She’s gross and her personality is abbrasive.

I like her well enough, and her looks are OK…well, they’re silly, but that’s on purpose. Anyway, I don’t find her hot, and although it seems she’d make a cool friend, I couldn’t imagine myself dating her (if I was single).

Not hot, incredibly annoying. Her commercials generally had me scrambling for the mute button, and I dearly hope that they’ll have run their course by the time I get back to the states.

I haven’t seen the commercials, but just going by that one picture… not hot.