Flo, The Progressive Insurance Chick

What is it about the Progressive girl Flo that makes me and many others say?

“I dont know what it is about the progressive girl”
What is so evasive about her attractiveness?

I think part of her “charm” is that she seems truly interested in her customers. It’s not about her – it’s about them.

I feel the same way about Meredith, the host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. She’s got a mother vibe going or something, very soothing. And she focuses on the contestants, unlike other game show hosts who are very mechanical.

She is quite attractive when not under all that make-up.

She isn’t nearly as good as the “FreeCreditReport.Com” guy Eric Violette.

She seems like she’d be an absolute freak in the sack.

Just sayin’.

Of course, you’re judging by the one, the only, non-Flo picture of Stephanie Courtney ever made public. Which ain’t bad, but still, it’s one picture.

I would say Flo’s magnetism is multi-dimensional. In the Austin360 piece, Courtney herself suggests Flo is a highly “asexual” character. If that’s true, it’s true only on the surface.

First there’s her name. “Flo” is the mythical aunt associated with the menstrual cycle. What could be more female, more suggestive of woman’s sexual mystique and the cultural “curse of Eve”? Yes, Flo is woman eternal - woman writ large.

And not just in her name, but in her seductive makeup and crisp white uniform - which call up the pure-but-dirty dichotomy so central to many men’s desires - and her irrepressible, effervescent, very-possibly-flirtatious personality. She is business, true, but is she all business? Textually, we’re left to wonder - but subtextually, we know otherwise. Flo’s promise goes far beyond bargain-priced coverage - she betokens the heterosexual female at her most sensual, free, and pleasure-loving.


Insurance isn’t about sex appeal, and saving bucks isn’t either, but if that were the whole story, Progressive could have had some friendly male yuk in a polo shirt as a spokesperson. Instead they have Flo, who has inspired interest far beyond her rather dull product.

Dear Miss Manners

I am smitten with Progressive Insurances’s fictional character Flo. What is the best way to ask her, Erin Esuarance (and possibly the Geico lizard) out on a date?



She also appears unadorned in that Glade Plug-In yoga commercial. She’s attractive.

Plus I love it when she says “kiss my grits”.

Any linx to the Glade spot?

Here’s Stephanie doing standup. Great voices and energy - sort of a rubber personality. :smiley:

'Course, by picture, I meant still picture.

Not suprisingly, the best way to do so would be to ask them about car insurance. It’s all they ever talk about.

She is cute in an ugly sort of way. Like David Schwimmer.

Ecch. Now I have to think of whiny clammy Ross, or that soulless bastard Capt. Sobel, whenever I see Flo. Og help me.

I started out being completely repulsed. Over time, I got all over her.

Next week it’ll be an obsession and from there it’s only a trip around the corner to stalking.


Best I could find is this annoyingly remixed version.

Whatever it is, it’s evasive enough that I don’t see it. I think she’s a pill.

I don’t see it either. There are women that don’t do it for me, but I understand why other men find them attractive, but this is one of those WTF moments for me. I guess that is why they say there is a lid for every pot.


Nothing wrong with her personality or delivery (something very wrong with the copy writers), but does anyone besides me think she could do with a hair re-make?

Or whatever ya call it?:slight_smile:


Naw, she’s perfect the way she is, just the kind of girl I’d take home to meet the folks. Didn’t she play one of Bud Bundy’s girl friends on Married with Children?