Flo, The Progressive Insurance Chick

I’ve never liked her hair. It sort of has an Amy Winehouse thing going on that I find unattractive.

She seems to me to be the type that starts talking about whatever pops into her head at the wrong moment.

She’s purposefully quirky. No change necessary or desired.

BTW, I know the director of those ads.

I’ve heard (from a guy in advertising, so presumably it’s something they keep tabs on) that Progressive’s volume has gone way up since those commercials started, so it seems that most people disagree with the OP. I recently saw her in an old ep of Angel I was watching on DVD, and she’s cute with more normal hair, but certainly less memorable.


I also know a Progressive exec, and he says the company’s been hard-pressed by Geico, with its cavemen and gekko. They’ve been losing market share and needed something distinctive to differentiate themselves.

Ja. Insurance ist essentially conservative. Presenting it mit ze tarty painted voman who is dressed up in ze white virginal outfit suggests zat underneath the dry exterior of ze quoted rate is ze vild zexual experience, vitch appeals directly to ze Id.

Zat will be $500. Zenk you.

Do women shop in her white box?

Much better looking with less makeup. She’s done quite a bit of TV work.

Hey yeah! Forgot to mention! :smack: Flo’s customers are all male!

Personally I hope they’ll conclude the series by getting her together with the “Yes! YES!” guy. The sexual tension between those two was palpable.

Flo: (low and saucy) There’s no discount for agreeing with me.
Guy: (adopting a Robert Mitchum tone) Sister, I wouldn’t care if there was a substantial penalty. (grabs and kisses her roughly)

She was on a show based on a Geico commercial and now whe’s shilling Progressive insurance? Can’t wait to be in her good hands, nudge nudge wink wink…

According to IMDb, Stephanie Courtney was on the TV show, “Cavemen,” which was based on the Geico commercials. I find that amusing.

Not true. At least early on there was a woman in the commercials. She said something like: Wow, that would buy a new pair of shoes! And the progressive woman replied something like: Or a big, tricked out, name tag.

Indeed, and that was the very moment I fell in love with Flo. ::swoon::

That’s when I fell in love with her too. Something about her delivery made me want to make her pauses, more, pregnant.

Holy cow, she’s my age! God bless her, she looks great.

I used to think she was kind of homely, but after reading this thread and clicking on all the links, I think she is super cute. Her stand up was funny, too.

Who knew her name was Flo?

She reminds me of Liza Minelli, especially when she says, “Happens to me all the time.”

Well, there’s the big tricked out nametag :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to read your analysis of the GEICO gecko commercials. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve noticed this too. Weird, because I think she looks like Maggie Gyllenhall, who I consider fairly un-attractive.

You know, when I see that her name is Flo, I just think of a woman’s “Aunt Flo” per the one episode of South Park.
Thus, to me, she seems like an exceptionally cheerful menstrual period… the high-strung state she operates in is just on the edge of turning violently angry.

It seems my opinion is, perhaps, not widely held…