'florida' and 'cold' in the same sentence

… should not go together. the state known to have four distinct seasons(milder summer[winter], hot summer[spring], seventh ring of hell summer[summer], and still-going-to-the-beach summer[autumn]) has actually reached freezing temperatures and low wind chill factor:

i live in southern florida and let me be the first to tell you that floridian houses are built like SHIT. cardboard and wood consists of the structure :smack: not to mention the fact that they are intentionally made to keep out the heat and bring in the cold.

hell has frozen over, people. this is the apocalypse, i tell you; doomsday is near, very near. - eyetwitch/cringe - i refuse to be here when earth gets hit by radioactive meteorites from the 12th dimension that turn everyone into vampire zombies ( BRAINSSSS! ) ( that was necessary ) -cowers beneath desk-

Yeah, I’m done with the cold, too. My toes feel like ice cubes and they hurt. I keep getting shocked on everything I touch. My central heat doesn’t work and space heaters only work on the space directly in front of them. At least when I go to bed I have a bunch of warm cat bodies to help keep me toasty.

Funny stuff. I think it was only last week the power went out at the local bookstore, and they propped the doors open because it got so warm inside. And of course it’s supposed to swing back up into the mid-70s in a couple days.

Me, I am enjoying the cold while it lasts. It makes the bugs groggy.

Yeah, you guys are getting the hell that we got last year. Everything is swinging to the south for us this year (no offense, but, knocking on wood). Stay safe.