Florida Pubbies Push Harris Under the Bus! Snoopy Happy Dance!

By way of the ever-delightful Wonkette:

Haven’t laughed so hard since they shot Old Yeller! I’ll keep this first one short, kinda hard to type with tears of mirth streaming down my face…

When you finish the happy dance, how about finding a linky-link? I’d like to read the story in its entirety to see if there’s any more funny bits.

Well, I’ll be a pregnant doorknob! Plumb forgot!


(Not finished, but willing to interupt in order to see to the formalitys…resuming Snoopy dance…)

Will she keep her house seat?

Karma. Watching it in action is like watching a lion bring down an antelope. Swift, beautiful, graceful, terrifying, brutal and merciless. Only instead of an antelope it’s a complete bitch with way too much makeup on.

Maybe Emmy Lou Harris said it best:
*Now the Queen of the Silver Dollar
Is not as haughty as she seems
She was once an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams
But there’s a man who found her
And he brought her to this world
He’s the one who made a queen of a simple country girl *

Yeah, but dear Ms Harris has sworn to fund her own campaign if the pubbies drop their support—she is rich enough to do it. Personally, I hope she spends it all, loses, can’t find a job, and ends up homeless and with some fulminating disease. Leprosy would be okay.

Wait a minute, wouldn’t it be better if they supported her, and she actually faced Nelson, then got slaughtered? Is there a chance the GOP could back someone who poses a real threat to Nelson? I’ll save the happy dance for for the day after the general election when we retake both houses of Congress.

Oh, well, perhaps Ms. Harris will decide now she’d be happier pursuing a career as a lingerie model.

Yeah, that is a possibility, I suppose. My personal fantasy is that this ticks her off enough to publish an insider “tell all” about the 2000 election.

I don’t think that Harris could publish an accurate insider “tell-all” about the 2000 election without placing herself in serious jeopardy of fulfilling the one non-sexual women in prison fantasy I have – i.e., Harris goes to prison. There has always been considerable speculation that her conduct of the 2000 election was illegal in some respects.

Oh, now be nice. It can’t be easy being Mimi Bobeck’s evil twin.

Oh come now; her ass isn’t that large.

From today’s Washington Post:

Wow. I know the Republicans are only in this to cover their asses, but a grudging drop of respect was earned with that letter. A publicity whore with sketchy ethics is told to go packing… awesome. She was an embarrassment - and for a party with the likes of Duke Cunningham, Tom DeLay, and Trent Lott, that’s really saying something.

I love how she overcalculated her hand - being Bush’s lackey in Florida in 2000 didn’t get you much, did it? And she’s just so delusional and arrogant that she will limp on to get her ass kicked by Bill Nelson. (And how amazing is it that although she leads among Republican candidates, they still don’t want to endorse her?)

Karma’s a bitch, bitch.

This isn’t karma. This is her masters throwing away a Kleenex after they’d finished blowing.


It got her four years in Congress…

Sure, but obviously she thought it would make her a rising star in the party… not realizing that was all being the child of a big-time pubbie and sticking her tongue up Bush’s ass was worth.


If only that were their motivation. However, if she weren’t polling somewhere around the first prime number, they wouldn’t be trying to get the shepherd’s crook around her neck.

OK, who used the brain bleach last?