Flutters in as the name suggests

Hello everybody! This is the new me… I felt it was time for a name change and I think this name is cool… so here I am formerly TopazAntares now Obsidian Flutterby. A flutterby is a type of faery with butterfly wings btw. They also think themselves above faeries though they are very rare. (ie just me) See you guys around the board…

Obsidian Flutterby


2 things…

  1. Hope you cleared the new name so you don’t get a drubbing by Mods and others with no clear sense of discretion…

  2. Obsidian Flutterby… have you read Obsidian Butterfly, and the rest of that serious… Mmmmmmm…

  3. Hi Opal! :smiley:

  1. Yes I have if you’ll note my post count is above 800… if I just created a new name it wouldn’t be that I had TubaDiva change it for me (Thank you again!)

  2. Yes I have and I’m working on the rest. I read as they come in for me so I’m pretty much reading backwards… I seem to get two books at a time that go in order but they are back from the first I read. I loved the book and I loved the name Obsidian Butterfly but someone has that name (not nescessarily here I haven’t searched but other places where I now have the name) so I had to adjust it and give it my own twist. I call butterflies flutterby’s so it’s an obvious switch.

  3. Why does everyone wave to Opal? has been curious about that for awhile

The hi Opal thing (FWIK) comes from some time in the past that Opal used to list things, and whenever she listed 2 things, she listed a 3rd item that said she hated lists with just 2 items.

People have run with it. So know, whenever someone does a list, one of the items is always Hi Opal…

your welcome!

Ahhhh that makes sense. If I ever do lists I’ll have to do that grins

Great, now you made me have to change my sig. grumbles