Flying this weekend and I'm nervous

I’m flying into LAX on Saturday and then flying out of LAX Saturday night for Sydney, Australia. All this terrorist stuff is making me extremely edgy.

I know, I know, I have a greater chance of being killed in a car accident on my way to the airport. Intellectually, I know that the chances of anything happening are next to nothing. Nevertheless, I’m a little bit scared. I’ve never been worried about flying.

Any reassuring words or de-stressing techniques? :frowning:

I’m flying this weekend too. Just remember that all the other passengers are thinking the same thing. If someone were to stand up and head for the cockpit, odds are they’d end up looking like a pit bull’s chew toy before they had a chance to try anything.

I’m flying too. Myself, in a small plane, that is. And my direction of flight will take me away from most places likely to be hot if trouble comes.

Better bone up on my interception procedures in case I get a closeup view of an F-16 asking me to land…

Lucky sod! I haven’t had time to fly, and now that I’m looking for a house to buy I need to keep an eye on the cash.

I’m flying from Jax to BWI tomorrow night, and back again on Monday. But I’m going Southwest, so I’m not concerned… What self-respecting terrorist would fly on a cheap airline like that?

I’m flying Continental to Sarasota-Bradenton Sunday and coming back to Newark the very next day. I really wish the world would wait until I get back before it falls apart.

Could someone please offer some reassuring words about those shoulder-mounted anti-aircraft missile launchers?

C3 –

Ominous screenname for someone afraid of terrorism.

Let me try to make you feel better: the 17-hour flight to Sydney from L.A. will have you so turned around that you’ll feel like you’re dead. If you’re leaving on Saturday evening, you’ll arrive Monday morning (16-hour time difference). You’ll feel like yuck and improve only about Thursday.

So why worry about terrorism?


And I’m coming back home that Saturday! Yeah, thanks, don’t worry about dying because you’ll wish you were already dead! :slight_smile:

I just flew from Detroit to San Francisco and back again in the last week, and everything was fine. I was more worried about crossing the Golden Gate Bridge (which is supposedly a prime terrorist target) on the way to the airport than I was about the flight itself.

No worries, you’ll be fine. Bring reading materials and some music so you don’t go insane on the long flight. Have a good trip!

I’ll be flying this weekend also - a 3-day trip with layovers in Las Vegas and Chicago. Six legs total over three days.

No worries. Almost all airliners have the new cockpit doors installed, and those that don’t have the “Katy bar” that reinforces the old door. That means that bad guys cannot get access to the cockpit.

Add heightened awareness by passengers like you and someone would be foolish to attempt anything on board an airliner.

I’m flying in ten hours or so. Orange Alert or no, we defy augury. If it be now, 'tis yet to come; if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come–the readiness is all.

Does that explain Mooney252’s post, C3?

Watch the flight attendents. Don’t panic unless they do.

One word: Xanax.

Works for me.

Got it. Who knew?

Now that I’ve been thinking about it, I think I’m more worried about actually being in LAX than on the flight. Well, the flight, too - all that empty ocean to fall into. Maybe I’ll have to indulge in a glass of good Australian shiraz.

“They were all made by the lowest bidder. You get what you pay for.”

Does that help any?