Follow that Dream!

OK, so I’m having one of those “I hate my job and want to quit to do what I really love” days. My situation is that I have a great paying (+benefits) job…that I’m depressingly bored at. I’d love to quit and pursue my dream but can’t let go of that security blanket.

So let’s here from the folks that took the risk to change careers…failures and successes. I’m not as interested in the folks that got laid off and then having no other recourse changed careers…but what the heck, if it’s inspirational let’s hear it. So if you let go of that 9-5 desk job making above average salary and followed your dream…pipe in now.

A dream flits down the gritty city street.

A man with 5 o’clock shadow and a rumpled suit quickly hails a cab. The cab pulls over, and the man hops in, nearly dropping his battered briefcase and mutilated styrofoam coffee cup. “Follow that dream!” he shouts, and the cab goes hurtling off into the night.

I’m sorry. It’s been a long day.

As far as the kinds of stories you actually wanted to hear–well, I don’t have one. I left my soul-suckingly agonizing languishing in the Cubicles of Death to go to grad school, but I don’t think that’s quite what you had in mind.

Sorry to be a distraction. Carry on.

At least our misery has company

I’m planning to do this during the next year. Have a well paying job, 25 vacation days a year, decent benefits, etc. It’s pretty scary but I just feel I’ve got to go for it now or never. Tired of being a corporate drone.

Isn’t Follow That Dream the movie where Elvis and his hillbilly family are living on the beach? A classic. As one reviewer put it: “Elvis is young and tan and acting stupid. He’s also shirtless a lot. What more do you need to know?”