Food at Wrigley Field

I’m going to Wrigley Field on Sunday for a Cubs/Cards game.
It’s been about 25 years since I was last there. The map of the ball park shows lots of vendors.

What food and drink do you recommend?

D’agostino pizza is available. Not the best pizza, but much better than typical ballpark fare.

If you’re going to drink alcohol, you have to get a wristband. Find a wristband station and then order away.

The beer selection isn’t that great from the 3 times I’ve been there, you can get bud/bud light or there are stands which sell a few more beers.

For a hotdog, find one of the booths inside with the grilling onions (Follow your nose). The dog will be hot and they have self serve condiments, including peppers. Worth the search and walk and better than the roving vendors lukewarm fare and packet mustard.

II might have said the same thing only worded a liiitle bit different.

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Dagistino’s has gone with a thicker crust, something they’re buying premade, not the super thin cracker crust anymore. Now it’s not mediocre pizza, it’s lousy.

At least at Dag’s, but I can’t see them keeping the other crust at the ballpark.

I almost never go there (Sox fan, and I consider Wrigley not just a dangerous dump but don’t like the fans that go to the game, not to say ALL Cub fans, just that the majority that go tend to go to be seen getting drunk, as for the dangerous part, note that there are but three exits from the place for the main grandstand area. THAT’S going to be fun if there’s ever a need to clear the place fast), but I second going to the little dog vendors along the concourse.

Oh, and Cracker Jack.

I was at Wrigley for my first and only time in 1999. The Cubs sucked that year and I got a front row seat, first base side by walking up to the ticket booth a half an hour before game time. The neighborhood around Wrigley is old time charm. The inside of a ballpark and the atmosphere of the ballpark is exactly what baseball should be.

However, for food, it had the standard beer, nachos, pretzels, or hot dogs fare. Maybe that’s changed recently, but that’s all I remember. The beer guys kept on coming. They would alternate between Bud/Bud Light and some awful Chicago concoction called “Old Style.” My hypothesis is that Old Style is not really beer, but left over kerosene that was exposed to the elements to make it unfit for fuel.

It seems like the new stadiums go out of their way to provide all sorts of different food like seafood, steaks, and other exotic foods (at exotic prices) but Wrigley (at least then) was basic.

I vaguely recall the last time I was at Wrigley … but that’s because the Chicago native that accompanied me went to get beer and came back with a tray of mai tais. We repeated that a couple of times.

Not strictly ballpark fare but it was a beautiful summer day and a great afternoon and the day and the game passed in a mildly boozy sweet haze. Cubs won too, so it was all good.