Wrigley Field Question

We’ll be taking in a Cubs game on 8/31 (1:20 PM start). Some in our party do not want to sit in the sun. Can someone give me some guidance as to what sections/areas in which to purchase tix? Thanks.

You can kind of see here that the red and brown sections are covered.
So look for something described as “terrace”

ETA - 200 level I believe

Oh yeah, I forgot - if you look here most of the upper deck is also covered and while you’re further from the field the view is unobstructed like the 200 level seen here

You may want to keep in mind that Wrigley is somewhat notorious for becoming chilly when a wind starts coming off Lake Michigan. The sun can make it uncomfortable to be in the sun on a hot day but once you get in the shade that lake breeze has been known to chill the bones. Just sayin’.

How can a field wriggle?

Avoid terrace seats down the right field line–I’d say this time of year section 239 or higher is in the sun most of the game. Otherwise the 200-level terrace is an excellent choice. Boxes are in the first six rows, but you can still get unobstructed views out to row 10 (but by all means avoid row 1–folks will be walking by in front of you the whole game). The first five rows of the upper deck also offer excellent views and are in the shade all game this time of year.

If you spring for field level seats (100-level), the sun pretty much hits anything over section 130.

It’s made of chewing gum, obviously.

Thanks. Looking forward to taking my family to the game Friday, then to the Athenian Room (Halsted and Webster) and then to Mario’s for Italian Lemonade.

If you’re going to Marios’ you have to cross the street to Al’s!

Right down the street is Little Joe’s. Stop in for a drink. The nicest owners you’d ever want to meet and a Little Italy institution.

**zoid **knows his Taylor Street! Those three joints are must-visits.

Last time I was a Al’s, maybe 3-4 years ago, I thought I saw a sign indicating it was now a franchise operation. True?

There are franchises but the original on Taylor street is still under the control of the family. That’s why it’s the one you need to hit.

One more thing - unlike a lot of parks I’ve never had a problem bringing food into Wrigley. Stop at either J.P. Graziano Grocery or Bari prior to the game for some subs and watch with amusement as everyone around you looks longingly in your direction as they eat hotdogs and peanuts.

I second this … there’s nuthin’ quite like having to wear a frigging LONG-SLEEVED FLANNEL SHIRT to a Cubs game !!! Been there done that :frowning: :smack:

Anybody here remember Taylor Street before it got gentrified & fancied-up? I LOVED THAT STREET !!! :cool::smiley:

Oh yeah. My dad used to take me to the old 'hood in the 70’s.
I really miss it. I took my daughter there recently and tried to describe to her how much it’s changed :frowning:

I remember going to Nea Agora as a kid with my dad to get fresh-butchered lamb. Taylor Street *was *a lot less fancy in those days. Of course, you also had a lot better chance of getting shot or beat up.