Foods that taste/look exactly like you'd expect them to

Inspired by this post: what foods are so popular that you think must taste much better than your initial conception of their tastes in your imagination, but instead look or taste exactly as expected.

That post references tongue meat.

My big contribution: seaweed. I thought based on how popular it was that it would taste more vegetably than it does, with perhaps a hint of the sea in the flavor. But no, it tastes like grass that had been lying in the ocean for a year exactly like I imagined it would. I like sashimi, but the seaweed in sushi rolls is :pukeysmiley:

Beer. From having smelled it from many an open can/glass in my youth, I was sure it would taste better than how I would expect stale wheat that’s just been chewed and spit out by bacteria to taste, but no, it tastes exactly how it smells, to me.

I’d have to say natto.

I really wish I could say I like it but I just can’t.