What's your favorite lunch food that might make other people look at you funny?

One of mine is pork 'n beans and soda crackers. I can only eat half a can and rarely finish it off any time later, but I go thru at least half a sleeve of crackers.
Another one is a raw Irish potato and salt.
What’s your “Oh, boy!” food?


During the day? (Looking at you funny.)

My husband’s go-to favs are Vienna susages (pronounced Vi-eenie) or those little cans of potted meat that don’t even pretend to be real or nutricious but they do list 911 as the number to call for other delicious recipes.

Cheddar and mint sauce sandwiches.

Tasty as all get out, but I haven’t met anyone who will even think about trying them before or instead of expressing their disgust.

Not unusual out here, but when I go back to the US I imagine I might get a few :dubious: at my passion for seaweed-flavored potato chips.

At least you don’t eat actual seaweed by the sheet.

Cottage cheese with cocoa powder and oat bran.

Speaking of… sometimes I’ll make rice and roll it up on seasoned nori sheets and eat that. The seasoned nori is indescribably delicious this way.

My #1 greatest comfort food of all time is homemade, downmarket bibimbap. Rice or noodles, green onions, fried egg, sacha, soy sauce, sriracha, and furikake.

Ummm . . . I’ll certainly nosh on that a bit if it’s handy, but it’s not one of my favorites.

Every few weeks I make a cheeseball (cream cheese, Kraft Roka Blue and Kraft Old English in varying amounts along with finely chopped onions and a dash of worchestire sauce) and bring it in a big bowl with a box of Triscuits and graze on it all day long. So it’s kind of lunch I suppose. But it has, in the past, gotten me some strange looks.

A fresh baguette and water. (Does this mean I am destined for incarceration?)

Tuna straight from the can (packed in olive oil).

Tomato paste with hot sauce.

Chick peas from a can.
What? Stop lookin’ at me like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I eat these, which are just sheets of seaweed with salt and olive oil. They’re awesome.

Hm, not all that different from making a sandwich out of cheddar, paper thin slices of apple and major grey chutney. Savory, sweet in combination and heavy on the umami.

I know it is still somewhat popular in some circles, but I used to get the ewwwww! reaction from a basic liverwurst on rye with thin slices of red onion. Liverwurst is something you either like or hate, not very many people on the fence.

Cottage cheese with a dab of horseradish on crackers. Very german but not commonly seen here. Bonus points for sprinkling with chopped parsley and paprika as garnish.

This soup

That looks good. What is it?

I often get crackers and yogurt. Or a hot dog. The guys at the lunch counter look at me like I’m crazy. They celebrate when I eat like a man, by getting, say, a steak bomb.

OMG. My husband rescued some cookbooks from an old lady who is going into a nursing home. Lots of them are from the 50s and 60s. We had fun looking through them, and found a cheeseball recipe that used “Kraft Old English”. We laughed and assumed it was something that hasn’t been available in thirty years.

Buncha freaks… all of you.

Smoked Kippers on plain matzah. Usually gets me puzzled looks and, more often than not, requests to go eat it outdoors. “What’s that, that…smell?!? Ewwww!”