What do you (or someone you know) eat that would make others go EEEWWWWWWWW!!!!!?????

I have a friend who does this: He crumbles hunks of bread into a bowl, tosses in a handful of green olives, then pours milk over it. Oh yeah, then he eats it.

As for me, when I was a lad we used to eat lettuce in a bowl covered with buttermilk.

Whatta ya got?

Miracle Whip.

Sardine sandwiches, I guess? Bread, lots of mayo, and a tin of sardines. Yum.

I eat a product that’s made from the excretions of the mammary glands of bovines, and then allowed to curdle. If that wasn’t enough, moldy bread is deliberately added to the curdled mixture to promote the growth of blue-green mold spores!


or… yum, Blue Cheese.

I have one that made me go EEEEEEEEWWWWWWW.

When I was a kid I made a liverwurst and jelly sandwich. Hey, I liked them both and figured “why not?”

chopped onions, shredded cheese, melted in a tortilla in the microwave, and smothered with Tobasco. x 3 or 4

Doesn’t seem EW worthy to me at all, but it makes my wife ill to be in the same room with the dish. Of course, after I eat it, she won’t get near me either for some reason.

Raw oysters and boiled crawfish.

Anchovies, but only on pizza.

hey, i just had sardine sandwiches for supper half an hour ago! with butter, on rye bread. they were yummy…


Durian, I love it!

Not a lot at one time and not too often, but once in a while I really enjoy some.

The first time I had it was in Malaysia and I liked it. Even the frozen stuff here in California is tasty.

Pieces of my own skin.

What do I win?

Since this is about food, I’m going to move it to Cafe Society.

When I was in Korea, I went to a fine sushi restaurant where the catch was so fresh, the octopus tentacles were still wriggling.

Ahhh–I have some lovely live oysters winging their way from Washington down to me in South Texas as I type. They are so fresh, they actually fight back (clamping down their shells harder) when you go to shuck them. We’ll eat them alive!

Raw oysters…mmmm!..with Frank’s Red Hot sauce on a cracker?

Tripe. It’s good in very small pieces. I don’t like it so much when it’s in bigger chunks that include the muscular tunic of the stomach and I really have to chew it to get it down.

I have several buckaroo friends (legitimate, remuda keeping, rodear holdin’ buckaroos) and have attended several calf brandings. Almost every branding, after you work your butt off all day long, is finished off with a feast of epic proportions. I’ve never been to one without calf nuts (Rocky Mt. Oysters) as one of the dishes. I’ve tried them batter and fried, just fried and literally cooked on the branding fire shovel- I find them barely tolerable. But most of my buckaroo friends love them. One of the first brandings I went too, a five year old son of the ranch foreman was eating them by the handful- half raw off the shovel and called them “Easters” (instead of oysters).

I like ketchup but I’m not one of those that smothers everything in ketchup, especially eggs. Eggs are good enough on their own.

But I do love tuna fish and ketchup. It has a wonderful mixture of flavors.

Haggis. Sheep’s liver, heart and lungs, ground up and cooked with oatmeal and pepper in the sheep’s stomach. With a nice sprinking of single malt as a sauce. Yumm!

Peanut butter and salami sandwich, on rye.