Fooling a "While You Were Out" Fan

Let’s just say that my wife is a huge “While You Were Out” (and “Trading Spaces”) fan, and I’ve thought of possibly trying to get on the show. Not that I would be able to, but should the amazing opportunity present itself, I wonder how I would be able to trick my wife into leaving for two days. Since we’re not often separated, anything that I would suggest (e.g. “Hey dear, why don’t you go visit your brother and sister-in-law for a few days while I stay home and be lazy”) would arouse her suspicions.

So, how would I handle this? What kind of story could I concoct to get her out of the house for two days without making her suspicous?

Kinda expensive, but, buy her a weekend at a spa or something, then have the place call her up and announce that she’s won a contest. When she mentions it to you, say “Oh yeah, I filled out a card for you at the mall, and then I forgot about it. Neat!”

Or I guess you could just say "Honey I got you a weekend at a spa. But for some reason if it was a contest it would make sense that she would have to go alone. Tough.

How about having a friend of hers suggest a weekend trip somewhere? That’s probably how I’d handle it.

You are a good husband.

The cameraman following her around would be an ENORMOUS tip off. You’d have to contrive to cover that up, too.

Or you could tell her the truth and try to rig the quiz so you win all the fabulous merchandise. Just be sure she knows why it is you’re redoing the room for her since that’s always the question they ask the surprisee.

I think it’s most convincing if the other conspiritors suggest the absence. In other words you have to get her brother and sister-in-law to invent a reason for her to come, maybe base it around a large project they need help with, or the birthday of one of their kids or something. (This last will enable them to have a camera around.)

Did you see one of the first episodes where the woman got the guy’s boss to send him on a phony business trip and spend the weekend making a fake training video? The amount of subterfuge on this show sort of boggles my mind!

I have EXACTLY this same problem.I’ve applied to get on WYWO even though I seriously doubt they’re gonna come to MY house and fix up my depressingly bleak backyard.
The only thing I can think up for CG is to conspire with his parents to get them to take him to visit some relatives in Norman,OK for the weekend or something.


You need a gimmick, like twins, or cowboy lesbians.

Twin cowboy lesbians!

Get a doctor’s slip saying that you have the Ebola virus.

Egads! I have no idea how to work that one in.

“Don’t mind the cameraman. He’s … um… filming a documentary about a commercial that they’re planning on doing for a new product that you happen to be using. Or something…”

Darn it…

I suspect the production staff of the show would be able to offer some helpful tips, having had a little experience with this.