Football announcer question.

Quick poll. Is there anybody who likes the ESPN Sunday night football announcers? Theisman, and Mcguire and the other idiot? Every football announcer from Cosell to Dierdorf to Dennis Miller has people who like them and people who hate them, and people who couldn’t care less. But the ESPN SNF guys drive me crazy with their inane crap. The strange thing is I have never met anybody who likes to listen to those guys. Everybody I know hates them. I was wondering if anybody supports them, or if they have a picture of an ESPN executive with a whore or something, cause I can’t figure out why they are kept around.

I happen to like them, although Theismann can ramble on for too long.

And, that other idiot you refer to is Mike Patrick.

No, I pretty much can’t stand them. Patrick is OK; he pretty much stays out of the way and tries to focus on the actual game being played. But Theismann and Maguire both have these stories they want to tell, and they stick to their stories even when the events on the field contradict them.

Case in point: week one, Houston against Dallas. David Carr–who I’ll admit looks like he’s going to be good someday–making his first NFL start. Theismann and Maguire are falling all over themselves talking about how tonight is his coming out party, how he’s making a statement to the rest of the league. By the third quarter, Carr’s completion percentage is way under 50%, he hasn’t moved the ball at all, he looks pretty much like a rookie making his first start for an expansion team. Rather than acknowledge this, though, and provide analysis, Theismann and Maguire just kept throwing praise in Carr’s direction, because they had to stick to their story.

I don’t know why they stick around, either. I’d love to hear Bill Parcells call a game with Ron Jaworski and Patrick. It would be interesting to hear some real analysis of what we’re seeing.

  • Frank

Could be that the people you mention, storyteller, prefer to be studio analysts - not sure. Still, I agree with you about Jaws and Parcells.

The only one who really grates on me is Maguire. He’s like a very poor man’s Dierdorf.

I don’t think anyone likes Maguire or Dierdorf. I don’t think Theisman is all that bad, and frankly most of his annoying qualities are a result of sharing the booth with Maguire I thing. Maguire just will not shut up and constantly engages Theisman is discussions that no one but he wants to hear. The sad part is that Theisman can’t really avoid it. I bet if you threw someone else in there instead of Maguire it’d be a much better booth, and the other guys would be much more popular.

The reason they stick around is because people watch it. The reason people (including me) watch it, is because it’s the only game on Sunday nights.

BTW, last Sunday, who were the teams. Ray Lewis was there, and there were a bunch of other guys playing too, but I didn’t catch their names. Oh, & did I mention that Ray Lewis was one of the players last Sunday. Even after he got hurt and sat out the last 1 1/2 quarters, they still mentioned him every 30 seconds or so. Oh, and here’s a clip we haven’t shown yet from the 1st quarter of Ray Lewis scratching his nuts.

The Monday night guys do this too. Who ever the most popular or well known player is ::cough:: Favre ::cough::, they will talk about that guy almost to the exclusion of all else.

I can’t stand any ESPN announcers. LSU kicked Florida’s butt last night, and the stupid announcer couldn’t pronounce the name of our 2nd runningback Joseph Addai. He kept saying “ee-day,” and “ay-die.” God that was annoying!