Monday Night Football just got a little bit better: Joe Theismann fired

Ron Jaworski to Replace Joe Theismann

MNF on ESPN was brutal last year but getting rid of Theismann is addition by subtraction. I think Jaws will be a good replacement. He’s a solid, knowledgeable football guy and he isn’t a tenth as obnoxious as Theismann.

Now if they’d only get rid of Kornheiser…

Good move dropping Joe, if only because Tony K. constantly calling him on his contradictions and former-athlete speak did kind of detract from the game sometimes. Byt hey, I LOVE me some Tony K., and think he will get better- 2006 was his first year as a commentator, ever. Being with two pros like Tirico and Jaworski, you will see the wit and wisdom we see on PTI every day. Tony K on PTI is the only sports talking guy who has ever made me laugh out loud, other than Norman Chad, and I think he will get better.

I’m a Kornhesier fan, even though I didn’t really like the MNF boradcasts last year.

They have Jaws on PTI a lot, and Tony seems to have a good rapport with him.

So, I look at this move as:

  1. A HUGE improvement in color analyst

  2. Hopefully, an improvement in Kornhesier’s performance.

Kornhesier during the games last year wasn’t nearly as good as I expected him to be. I think that Joe was always suspicious of him, but Jaws knows what he’s about. I think this will be a good team.

Jaws is a GREAT analyst. Great with X’s and O’s. I REALLY like this decision.

Not a moment too soon. God, I hate that guy. Now if they’ll just do away with those ridiculous segments where they invite some douchebag actor/actress into the booth and have inane discussions. Did anybody catch Christian Slater last season? He kept trying to talk about football, but it was painfully clear that he wasn’t even familiar with the terminology of the sport.

The talking head combo on MNF last year was terrible. Bringing in Jaws–who knows the game inside and out, and isn’t so full of himself–is a terrific choice. I think he worked one or two games last year where they had a second game to air (the season opener comes to mind) and I seem to recall him doing a fine job. Ron and Tony have a much better rapport than anyone would with Thiesmann. And Tirico was on PTI last week, and he and Tony were very smooth together in that context. This bodes well for future broadcasts.

And yes, let’s can the ‘celebrity’ interview horseshit. Just show the damn game.

This is a surprisingly good move. Maybe they finally listened to everyone saying how good Jaws & Vermeil were during their game this year.