Football - online - tonight - how?

How would someone go about watching the Saints game, tonight, online? We’re not looking for a free option. Just some way to watch the game without watching mostly look-ins.

Apparently is going to be playing the game tonight but I have been informed that all they show is a few minutes of game and a whole bunch of people talking.


That’s your only free legal option.

Thanks. Apparently a solution was found. I don’t know if it’s legal or not but it’s not happening in my house so I’m not gonna ask.

I’m going to happily go back to my sports free existence with a night of WoW and either Dragonball season 2 or a LOTR marathon.

There is no legal way to watch it live online from inside the United States. The NFL Live package is only available to users outside of the US.

US users can watch recorded games online legally:

NFL Game Rewind. Every Game of the 2008 and 2009 seasons, including playoffs, on demand. For $25.

Xash what so you have to pay $25/game? Isn’t there a free way otherwise it’ll all add up.

This page says the Game Rewind is $15 a month or $20 for all the playoff games including the Superbowl.

$25 was the combined price (when I purchased it) for all games for the entire 2008 and 2009 seasons, including the 2010 playoffs. It’s now down to $20 as PatriotGrrrl says.

Totally worth it, if you’re fine with not watching the games live.

It’s stupid that they don’t allow live streaming, but then NFL rights are a complicated thing. I would hope it changes in the next few years, but that’s not soon enough for the playoffs.

Another option is to ask any of your friends that have an NFL package if they also have a Slingbox, and are willing to permit you use of their Slingbox account during the games. That’s the free’est you can get while still watching a game live and legally.