For a moment, just a moment, DADT didn't matter

On Saturday afternoon I went to a memorial service at my church for Bob S., a nice old guy I knew slightly (we were both lectors or lay readers for several years). Bob served in the Army in Europe during World War II. Near the end of the service, a bugler played Taps, and a two-man Army honor guard presented his longtime (50-plus years) companion John N. with a folded American flag “with the thanks of a grateful nation.” A very nice gesture indeed, especially in light of the debates in Washington right now.

Fifty years?!? Dayum.

Men like that - so devoted for so long - don’t exist to the hand-flapping “they’re a threat to marriage!!1!” anti-SSMs, but they exist to people like you and me. Your post made me sniffle.

  • purplehorseshoe, who is also grateful to Bob for his service

Forgot to mention, the flag presenter said to John, loud enough for everyone to hear, that he offered “on behalf of the United States Army, our condolences for the loss of your loved one.”

I got a little something in my eye myself.

Thanks for sharing; very nice to hear that a little something is changing. Even if it’s just for a few minutes.

They really need to dust this coffee-shop.

This man fought Nazis and found a love to last his entire life - I can’t imagine worthier accomplishments. Shame on the homophobes for refusing to honor such.


Same here.

Pollen count must be high today…

I’ve done Funeral Honor Guard. There are no politics at the graveside.

Pollen, schmollen. I’m crying.

How beautiful. What a tribute to one of our many heroes. I’m grateful to Bob for the service he gave to his country. I’ll be praying for John as he grieves his love. I’m thankful they had so many years together.

That is AWESOME!!! Love of country knows no sexual orientation!

Yeah. I should ask John what he thinks about the DADT repeal. I spoke to him last week and he seemed to be doing OK, incidentally.