For all of you who still can't find your ass with both hands

It’s behind you. Just lettin’ ya know. If you need to get a pen and paper and write that down, that’s okay. Take your time. This thread will wait until you get back.

Okay, ready?

Put your hands on your thighs, and then – remember to keep your hands in contact with your legs at all times – slide them around to the backs of your legs. (You may want to do this standing up. Don’t lose your balance.) Then slowly, SLOWLY, move your hands up the backs of your legs to your ass. You may have a wallet or some change in a pocket back there – good, that’s good. Get your hands on your ass. Think you got it? You might have gone too high. Try looking over your shoulder into a full-length mirror, or get a buddy to spot for you. If you still can’t do it, have your buddy take your hands and place them on your ass for you.

Okay, there you go. You’ve found your ass, and it only took two hands, written directions, a mirror, and a spotter.

If you need more help, just let me know. I’m here for you.

Are you sure that’s my ass? It looks more like a hole in the ground to me.

(That was pretty funny lno)

I’m confused now. My ass is above my thighs? I thought it was, well, about half way along my arm.

Hmmm. Apparently my ass is named Levi.

This was relatively easy. I can’t wait for LNO’s Anatomy Chapter 2 – The G-Spot.

:hands LNO a flashlight:

Thanks now that I know where my ass is I can concentrate on trying to figure out what the hell you call these things on my arms.

I’ve got em on both arms, located about halfway between the place where my sleeve starts and the place where my bracelet or watch goes. There seems to a sort of hinge located underneath the skin. My arms bends right there and that comes in real handy for picking my nose and stuff and now if I could only figure out what to call that area I would be really happy.

Do you think you could help me with this? :smiley:

Damn…now I’ve got shinola on my hands…wait a minute…:eek:

Ok, so now both of my hands are on my ass. What now?

Now I cannot shake Tenacious D from my head. Thank you.

:cool: How did you type the above? :confused:

Push down real hard and your head should pop right out! :stuck_out_tongue:

I followed your directions, and I have one question:


[8 year old Timmy]

Daddy, what’s an ass?

[8 year old Timmy]

Priceless, lno.

I can already see that this thread will get linked to a lot in GD.

Hey, LNO, I happen to have a boot full of piss. Could you maybe give me some recommendations on how to empty it out? (Somebody told me instructions were written on the heel, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to read them yet.)

i see INO has written the first chapter on his new book “Hookey Pookey for Dummies”

This is great! Now I can wind my watch! Thanks lno!


(heretofore confused as to whether he should scratch his watch or wind his ass)

“Hmm, what’s this big, round thing coming towards me? … I wonder if it will be friends with me…”

Please pardon the likely misquoting :slight_smile:

So that’s where the cat went.

Thanks, lno

And in part two, finding someone else’s ass with both hands… OW! Why are you hitting me?