For all the grammar police

For all you grammar police, how many are willing to admit to saying “daylight savings time”?


Well, I’m actually in the Grammar FBI, but I’ve never said “daylight savings time” in my life!

D’oh! I just did!

Um…what the hell is your point?

Speaking as one from a backwoods gramm’r police, we like “daylight savings time” just fine.

I’ve contacted the Non Sequitur Police. They’ll be with you shortly.

I intend to conduct an investigation of your department for inappropriate use of apostrophes.

“Gramm’r” indeed!

Well, according to, it’s “daylight-savings time”. So I suppose if you write just “daylight savings time” you’re guilty of leaving out a hyphen. Is that a hanging offense?

(Of course, when you say the term, it’s not obvious if you’re including the hyphen or not, so persumably this isn’t what the OP was on about.)

I presume you fellows are referring to Daylight Saving Time. Well okay, then.

I just said it.

Oops. I said it again.

Me and the boys is ready for you guv’mint types.

Roun’ these here part of the backwoods, I is the law.
I believe cmosdes is complaining about the ending s in savings. Title 15, section 260a governs the time shift in the US. Notes to this section refer to acts with names like, EMERGENCY DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME ENERGY CONSERVATION and EXEMPTIONS FROM DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME AND REALIGNMENTS OF TIME ZONE LIMITS.

cmosdes might do well to remember that the grammar police around here tend to ignore the grammar misdemeanents in order to focus on the grammar felons.


That occured to me, but not until I had already posted on this thread. That seems like an exceedingly minor quibble. The correct name might be “daylight-saving time” and not “daylight-savings time”, but the later has become quite entrenched in popular usage. lists both in its entry without any usage note or hint that the “savings” version is perceived as being incorrect. As errors go, this is one that’s unlikely to keep anyone out of Harvard.

I agree that it is trivial Amok. I think that this should be a call for the pet peeve police. I imagine the grammar police have enough to worry about.

Can you hear an apostrophe? :wink:

How much Daylight is actually saved and where is it kept?

Just an hour. They keep it in a box, and let it out again in the fall. Or something.
[sub]And happy 1K, Nostradamus![/sub]

About two pounds worth. I keep it in a jar. I’m not telling you where lest you set it free, leading to the dreaded hilarious consequences one gets in modern situation comedies.

Ferrous is obviously with the illuminati.

Those are the guys who take it all – thus the name.

They keep the excess in the Strategic Sunlight Reserve, a series of perfectly mirrored caverns in Wyoming, and let it out when it suits their nefarious purposes.

Daylight Saving - Scmaylight Saving.

I just call it having to wake up an hour early every goddamn day until autumn.


What are people looking for when they examine their handkerchiefs after blowing their nose?