For all you chocolate lovers out there...

Chocolate Covered Bacon

I guess I can see the appeal. Sweet… Salty… But still. Bacon? Really?

Someone needs to do a taste test and report back. Volunteers?

Sounds absolutely disgusting, but there’s that sweet/salty combo that is universally appealing.

Am I volunteering? Nope.


I’ll stick with Wendy’s Frosty+Fries, thankyouverymuch!

I’d have to try it once. It may be my last time, but somehow I don’t think so.

I made candied bacon a few times recently for groups of people…it friggin vanishes.
I imagine the chocolate would do the same.

(candied bacon is baked in the oven and you sprinkle brown sugar over it while it bakes)

I saw them make chocolate covered bacon on a Dinner:Impossible segment on The Food (ha - I almost typoed Feud - I’m doing too many of these!) Network.

I’d try it for the salth/sweet combo - but it sounds very strange.

When I opened the thread, I thought it would be about the Mo’s Bacon Bar by Vosges. I bought one of them, once. For $7. I’d rather have my $7 back, thanks very much.

Now see, I don’t think that sounds half bad. Like a brown sugar glaze on a ham… I might have to try that recipe. I have a couple of male co-workers who are pretty brave when it comes to new food.

I guess my problem comes from the fact that I don’t like my bacon overly crispy, which the article mentions is a must. So I’m picturing floppy bacon covered in chocolate, which really isn’t the case. It’s one of those texture things for me I guess.

AT the cafe where I’m the baker we cook(bake, rather) our bacon, in the oven. It shouldn’t be too hard to sprinkle brown sugar over a couple pieces. It actually sounds…rather good, although I hate to admit it.

Not sure about the chocolate, but I’d try it once if I had some.

Your last time eating anything or just the last time you try choco-bacon?

Wait, you *don’t *like overly crispy bacon?

Why do you hate freedom/America/The Beatles/apple pie?

I’m not sure how a whole strip of bacon might turn out, but three of us took the plunge and ordered some bacon-chocolate a while back; little chocolate pigs with bits of smokey, crispy bacon all through (something like crispy rice). The first bite or two is sort of strange, then it gets better… and better… we all ended up wanting more. You get the smooth chocolate with a bit of salt and that smokey flavour, but it isn’t overtly bacon. We got ours from Vosges Chocolate (which might have been courtesy of a link posted in another thread a while back); if it weren’t so relatively expensive, we’d probably order it more often.

Mo’s Bacon Bar wasn’t terrible. We got some at World Market one night on clearance. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve seen mixed with chocolate. A whole slice of bacon? Nah. Doesn’t sound too good, as I like crispy bacon and there’s just no way to keep it crispy and cover it in chocolate…

I don’t care much for chocolate either. It’s a take it or leave it kinda thing.

Am I going to hell now? :smiley:



For an extra helping of chocolatey bacony goodness, check out this thread

Of course, two strips of bacon are better than one :slight_smile: