Bacon chocolate

If you thought bacon salt was good, be prepared for Mo’s Bacon Bar, by Vosges Exotic Candy Bars. I had a sample at Art of the Table, which hopefully will start stocking them soon. I, like Katrina, have always liked bacon plus sweet, usually maple syrup. I had a notion that such a combination with chocolate might be good, but never actually tried it until last night. Ye Gods, it is mighty tasty. The bacon gives it a nice crunch, as well as the smoky salty flavor improvements.

Full disclosure: I work part-time at Art of the Table, and will lobby the boss to carry these. So if you’re in west Michigan, stop in and ask if you’re interested.

It’s an interesting idea. I’ve always been partial to bacon and grape jelly sandwiches, but only if the bacon is very crispy. How much bacon is in this chocolate - just a sprinkling or more like a typical chocolate bar with nuts?

Oh, some of those Vosges chocolate combinations are toe-curlingly good. IIRC, I’ve had their curry truffles and their cardamom truffles, and they blew my mind.

Bacon Bar, you say? Yum.

Couldn’t one attempt this at home with melted chocolate and bacon salt?

Bacon and chocolate?? Your playing with the basic element of the universe. You’re mad I tell you, MAD!!!

Wasn’t this Homer Simpsons idea? I always thought it would be good, and I can’t wait to get some for myself.

It’s a bit more than a sprinkling- about half of the crunches in a Crunch bar, maybe. And it’s quite crispy. There’s also alder smoked sea salt, so some of the crunch might come from that.

My favorite used to be the Barcelona Bar, with grey sea salt and hickory smoked almonds, but there all fan-freaking-tastic.

You have no idea.

One could attempt it, but one would fail. One could also attempt to ferment Welch’s to replicate Chateau Petrus. As much as I like my bacon salt, there is no actual bacon. This is real chunks of alderwood smoked bacon.

Nope, just jittery until I can get my next score.

I don’t recall that particular combo rolling off Homer’s lips, but it sure sounds like something he’d drool over.

I beleive Homer was on one of his religious tangents when a bacon truck collided with a chocolate truck and he had some kind of epiphany. The details are all foggy though, probably some Simpsons guru could name the episode.

It’s the Chicken Dinner bar all over again.

It’s the episode where Homer started praying/dictating to God. He prayed for a new dessert and a bacon truck ran into a chocolate truck and some chocolate coated bacon flew onto Homer’s windshield.

I donno about bacon & chocolate, but I gulped audibly when I saw the green tea bar… wipes drool

Ah, yes, of course. How easily we forget. Just more proof that Homer is a misunderstood genius.