For Better or For Worse 6/12

The Comics Curmudgeon has started “Team Julia” in support of this new character.

I read this strip online about every couple of weeks. It’s sort of addictive.

That said, unless Liz is getting gangbanged soon then I’m out.

That’s an, uh, interesting mental picture.

Of course, given the nature of the Net, I’m pretty sure there’s an actual picture of it out there somewhere.

Frankly, I wouldn’t mind Liz being such a man magnet if there would just be something shown that would make you believe it …looks, personality, something.

Today’s Something Positive webcomic has an interesting take on For Better or For Worse:

Hey, Thought-Balloon Boy in panel four! Have you noticed your date hasn’t got a fucking drink yet?

If Liz treated men better, perhaps she wouldn’t be such a fuck-up.

“The Squat Gauche One must get her own drink; I must buff the fair Elizabeth’s shoes with my hair!”

Has anyone e-mailed Johnston and told her how blowful her work has become?

Poor Julia. She has a sense of humor. Fatal. Totally fatal.

Look again. He’s still got the glasses but they’re minimized to near-invisibility.

From today’s strip.

What a surprise!

OTOH, Mason just swept her off her feet, literally.

I thought this was a pretty neat site, until I scrolled down and realized he’d never heard of hippity hops! (I used to LOVE mine! Was surprised to see they still make them.)

Oh god, I forgot about the creepy blinking eyes. Makes me jump every time.

And sometime during the recpetion, the helicopter pilot (I’ve forgotten his name) is going to buzz by the party flying a banner behind his rig sporting some kind of message to Liz…

The “For Better” years are behind us, and we are smack dab in the middle of “For Worse.” I think Elizabeth has become such a problematic character that Johnston doesn’t know how to write her honestly. Elizabeth is fickle, self-centered, with no direction. As far as I’m concerned she abandoned those poor kids in Mtigwaki. I give marriage to Anthony a year before Elizabeth has an affair.

I remember when “For Better of For Worse” was a funny comic strip that made jokes about family situations.

She certainly has enough men ready to help. I think if we ever get through this 9-day wedding, April will get laid pretty soon. :wink:

And thus we see the problem with Liz - The fact that he grew a mustache is apparently what made her stop caring for him.

Not really related to the question at hand. But I just opened the link above, and did a double take when Anthony and Liz started blinking in the strip. In real freakin’ time.

Thought I was losing my mind.