For Better or For Worse 6/12

That’s Anthony?!?

Well, well, well…

Looks like BlandBoy is going to get another shot at the Gold.

I don’t believe Johnston is even drawing the strip anymore. This week’s strips don’t look like her style at all – neckless party guests, Lips of Loveliness on everyone, and Anthony losing not only his pornstache (thank God) but also sporting a brand new nose. (Here’s Anthony with his old nose.)

Every day the strip looks more and more like Mary Worth. That isn’t a compliment.

But I thought it was established that Anthony is seeing someone else. So why should the wedding encounter matter?

It’s not a real date. They’re friends, or something. Nothing will stand in the way of Liz and Anthony!

Pardon me while I go vomit.

I think that’s what Julia is trying to do in the next to last panel.

Well, did you see today’s strip, where that someone else is behaving like a six-year-old? (“I went to the dennist! Looka my toof!”) She’s not going to be a consideration for long.

No, that charming neckless girl was just a wedding date. Plus if you read Elizabeth’s monthly letter for June, it’s clear that the Liz Anthony merger is still a go, since she’s now wondering whether Anthony might not be “the one.” Just in case the extensive foreshadowing in the strip itself somehow escaped you. :rolleyes:

ETA: The rollie is directed at the heavy-handedness of the strip, not at you, Baker.

That strip was from '96. Here’s Anthony with the schnozz he had last month!

Is that supposed to be Anthony or the guy in the wedding party who said he was going to be her escort? It didn’t even occur to me that that might be Anthony.

ETA: I obviously didn’t read today’s strip. Good grief. I hate Anthony.

So he’s shaved his porn star mustache, gotton contact lenses and had a nose job all in the last month. If he’d done all that years ago, it’s possible we wouldn’t all hate him so much.

Possible, but not likely…

The character assassination continues. Notice that today, Julia is conclusively shown to be overweight. She also has a huge growth spurt between the second and fourth panels, starting out being as tall as his shoulder and then shooting up to maybe a half-head shorter than he. Meanwhile, ditzy Liz who doesn’t realize she’s needed in the photos has to be hauled off by Mason, who has succumbed like every other appropriate-age/relation male to realizing that Liz is an exquisite woman who he simply must be with.

Not likely at all.

“But he’s such a nice guy.” - After all, what could be nicer than taking a date to a wedding only to be pining away for someone else the whole time?

Anthony = emotional abuser

Why does everyone refer to that thing as a porn star mustache? He didn’t look like a porn star; he looked like he was almost sixty years old with that thing. He looked like a slightly chunky Gordon Lightfoot. I don’t follow this strip anymore but I would never have made the connection between 60-year-old-with-the-stache Anthony and newly-smitten stache-less Anthony, who looks as though he’s nineteen.

I wouldn’t be surprised, as Jodi says, if someone else is doing the artwork now. Johnston probably comes up with the storyline, but has assistants for everything else. It must be tough running the empire, with the books, dolls, t-shirts, appearances, calendars, Web site, etc.

I think Anthony has been given a facelift to make him more acceptable to the audience. That moustache must be like Clark Kents glasses. Take it off, and he becomes date-worthy again.

I’m liking the Julia character, and it makes me resentful that the character who most seems like someone I’d hang out with-- mellow, good humored, possibly overweight and or short-- is the one the audience is clearly supposed to accept as inferior and possibly even embarassing.

According to the making of section on the website, Johnston writes and draws and does some of the initial inking on the script and the assistants do the final inking, lettering and toning.

I think it made him look like Leland Stottlemeyer with specs. Captain S. is extremely low on the sexy scale, IMO.

Yeah, I don’t know why Lynn thought it necessary to like that. Why couldn’t she just have been a nice person? If you ignore the whole “showing Liz her teeth” thing, she seems like a great match for Anthony…down to earth, stable, not flighty or glamourous…just a really nice person.

But she’s fat! So of course she isn’t really in the running, not when measured against the beauteous Elizabeth, who slays men with her Lips of Loveliness.

And in today’s strip Anthony’s Magical Morphing Nose appears to have disappeared entirely.