For birders: Bird Jam, anyone?

Anybody have this? It looks really cool, but I’m not sure it’s $60 worth of cool :cool:

I haven’t heard of that one specifically. There’s a growing number of birding apps, here’s a comparison of some of the more popular ones; all cost a fair bit less than $60. Oh, the comparison was published by iBird, one of the apps, so might be slightly skewed! It does list features, which you might want to think about when deciding how you’d use your app.

And here I was expecting a benefit concert for endangered avian fowl the world over.

I was picturing something in a jar that you spread on toast.
[sub]Preferably, Roadrunner flavored.[/sub]

As was I…

Thanks! iBird looks like it’s improved things since I first looked at it. I may try the free version first, see if it really is better.

"avian fowl’? Are there non-avian fowl? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, Roadrunner jam isn’t really that good. It tastes smug and full of itself.