For fuck's sake, the flag burning amendment AGAIN?!

With all the actual problems facing the country, what is it that’s consuming the time and energy of the House? The fucking flag burning amendment. Because that’s the most vitally critically important issue facing the American people, a couple of wingnuts taking a match to Old Fucking Glory. And now it’s supposedly within a couple of votes of passing the Senate and being sent to the states for ratification.

If you think the country is threatened by the “physical desacration of the flag,” then you’re a fucking idiot and the phrase “strangled in your crib” comes to mind. If you think the destruction of a single flag has any impact on the strength of the nation, then you’re a goddamn fucking pussy, running scared from an idiot with a flag and a Bic lighter. Grow the fuck up, you stupid motherfucking mindless jingoistic assholes. Get these fucking idiots on both sides of the aisles the hell out and replace them with people who have the courage to withstand a moron with a flag and a matchbook and the brains to stand up to the dumbfucks who equate the destruction of a flag with a danger to the country.

You see, every single problem facing the U.S. to date has been solved, so they can concentrate on more minor issues.

Sadlly, re-election rates to Congress runs somewhere upwards of 90%.

Perhaps they thought they were voting for a “fag burning amendment” to replace the anti-SSM amendment that failed last year.

The day it becomes illegal to burn the flag, is the day I will actually start burning every flag I can get my hands on.

I was just thinking the same thing. If it gets passed, I might start burning flags out of protest.

Here’s a thought. Do you think Hillary’s vote on this will be a good predictor of whether or not she’s planning to run for president in '08? Or, for that matter, a good predictor of any Democratic Senator who’s thinking of running?

Talon Karrde, Guinastasia, ones you buy, or ones you don’t own in front of gov. buildings?

I’m not even going to bother answering such a stupid question.

A most worthy pit.

I pit the 286 fuckwits in the House who voted for the amendment. I wish I could find a list of all their names so I could pit them individually and specifically.

Thank Og for the two Republican senators, at least, who have a clue: Robert F. Bennett of Utah and Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. Would that more Republicans would make an effort to recall the ideals under which this country was founded!

“I don’t want to amend the Constitution to solve a nonproblem,” Mr. Bennett said. A-fucking-men. Thank you, Mr. Bennett.

I don’t see how it is stupid. It seems to me that burning a government owned flag would get more airtime on tv, then burning a flag you own and inviting a tv crew to see it. True, you have already answered the question, but I took your answer to be an exaggeration.


I wouldn’t dream of burning the flag myself, with or without an amendment. And you don’t seem to be the type to burn one in any case.

You’ve always struck me as a patriotic sort, Guinastasia, even if you’re on the other side.

I don’t think the amendment is needed. But burning the flag is needlessly hurtful to others while conveying no useful political message to anybody. It is wrong to do, just plain wrong, and shouldn’t be done by anyone.

Of course it was an exaggeration. Do you honestly think I’m advocating the destruction of someone else’s property?

Of COURSE it would be a flag I owned. Hell, I’d go out to Wal-Mart and buy a whole bunch of them and a cheap bic lighter. Burn, baby burn!

How do you get rid of a tarnished or ruined flag? What is the proper procedure?

Didn’t the Supreme Court address the impossibility of enforcement? Would it be illegal to burn a picture of flag, etc.?

I AM patriotic. And because I DO love my country, I also value our freedoms more than I do a piece of cloth. Actual liberty is what’s important-not some symbol.

The very idea that we call ourselves a free country means that we allow people to disagree with this country. Banning flag burning goes against what the flag itself stands for.

Therefore, I would feel a DUTY to burn a flag, if it were illegal.

And if you don’t see that, I think it’s sad. Burning a flag isn’t hurtful-but taking away the freedom to do so is.

Bravo! Bravissimo! Thank you, Otto!

i don’t go in much for flag burning, either, but any one who is genuinely hurt by a piece of cloth catching fire deserves to be hurt. If it passes, I’ll be out there with Old Glory and a book of matches, for no other reason than to spite the useless assholes who voted “Yes” on this ammendment.

By the way, the amendment appears to address not merely burning, but any desecration or debasement of the flag.

Destroying someone else’s property, yeah that is a bad thing, and is duly prosecutable under current laws. Buying or making your own flag, and publicly desecrating it is altogether different. It’s obnoxious and so on–and certainly offensive to some–but no way should such be banned under the U.S. Constitution!

The government really should not be in the business of designating sacred institutions or icons.

As Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., said, “If the flag needs protection at all, it needs protection from members of Congress who value the symbol more than the freedoms that the flag represents.”

Definitely!! Well said!

Pretty much.

It must be silly season up on the hill again…I can’t believe some of the rank crappola that is coming out these days. A flag burning AMENDMENT?? Really! Gods.


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