for lieu

you mentioned that you knew someone that had their face disfigured while in the garage with his car. is that after your dead when this happens? you won’t live to feel it right? isn’t it just a feeling of falling asleep?

btw for some of you who keep saying live long and die or whatever, has it ever occured to you that the person may not have long to live anyways and by not committing suicide it may even be more pain in the end. im not trying to get a reaction out of people, i just want the facts please, i can judge for myself and i wont do anything stupid.

  1. If this is only for lieu, how can it be a “general question”?

  2. When you say you “won’t do anything stupid” do you mean you won’t do the very things you’re asking about (i.e., suicide)? If not, what?

Your first thread on this subject was locked, what makes you think you’ll be getting away with posting it again?


Even if you don’t, bentur, this is the busiest forum on the internet. We take that responsibility seriously. Get help from someone who is present in your life, not some faceless forum of people you think might know a quick solution to a complex problem.


Listen bentur,

A. You’re going to get into trouble for behaving the way you do. The mods don’t like it when you just reopen a thread they just closed… a good option at this point would be to email a mod and explain you made a mistake and ask them yourself that they close this one as well.

B. I have had a number of very serious accidents in my life. One of them killed me so to say. That is to say my bodily functions ceased and I had to be brought back to life, I was ‘out’ for something close to 8 minutes. As it was the moment I passed away I was still conscious and not in much pain, I suppose due to chock, because I had good reason to be in pain after 330V 10A electrocution and a subsequent fall that fractured 34 bones in my body. Anyway, it was very calm and all that until I realized that I was dying, that’s when the horror started. It probably didn’t last for more than a few seconds at the most, but it seemed like hours. My whole mind freaked out when I realized ‘Oh shit, this is it!” My point is that I don’t think there is a painless way to go, because at the least you will have that moment of regret that I vouch for is one of the most horrendous things you can ever experience.

I should add that I didn’t have much will to live at the time and that this accident is what changed my view on suicide, specifically because I realized what horror that moment entails. My suggestion to anyone contemplating it would be to just wait until it happens the natural way. Dying is just far more grueling than any depression, or desperation can ever be… and trust me I know what I am talking about.


someone who dies from aids will be in much more pain than suicide, does anyone know the answer?