For Male Dopers: If a woman exposed herself to you, would you be offended/upset?

I doubt it happens all that often.

But if you came upon a woman wearing the proverbial trenchcoat who exposed herself to you, would you freak out? Or would you be gratified? Would it make a difference if she was hot?

At my age? I’d be thrilled.

Would it make any difference if she was hot?

They all look hot to me. (see age reference above)
Next question?

My reaction would based entirely on how good she looks exposed.

'Cuz I’m a guy

Freaked out? no

Gratification directly proportional to hotness.


I don’t know how else to say it.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it for me.

An average girl naked, for the record, is welcome under any circumstances.

I wouldn’t freak out but I’d probably be a little perturbed and most likely wouldn’t care one way or the other unless it was someone I found completely repulsive or someone I had feelings for. Both for obvious but opposite reasons.

That’s pretty much the gist of it.

Why would one be offended or upset at getting to see boobies?

I’ve had lovers surprise me in such a fashion and it’s a big turn on. I like a bit of sexual agressiveness in a woman, but there’s is a point where it rings alarm bells. I’ve also experienced such behavior by women who had serious emotional problems. They were obviously using their sexuality to manipulate and you do not want to get involved in such a situation.
So it depends upon the circumstances.

It’s happened to me before. I wasn’t upset. :slight_smile:

There was a thread some time ago where many male dopers were sympathizing with a party host who had a female friend show up wearing no panties. She was unattached, older than most of the others at the party and was doing quite a bit of crotch flashing. I don’t recall seeing a single comment saying how great it was to get flashed in this situation.

This is exactly what I was going to say.

Not upset. The amount of thrilled I would be would be directly linked to how hot she is.

My girlfriend’s roommate mooned us both, once. I was surprised at how much shrubbery there was on the lunar surface, so to speak. She wasn’t necessarily hot, but I don’t think that made a difference.

I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t quite gratified, though.

This is not exactly on topic, but close.

Several years ago, when I was, oh probably just over 40, I was riding my bicycle up a small hill. This required my standing hunched over the handlebars rather than sitting on the bike. I was wearing traditional cycling shorts. A car full of young women drove by and swerved to get close to me. One reached out and gave my butt a “gentle” swat. Now, when you’re driving in a car at 35 mph, a gentle push becomes life threatening. I nearly lost my balance.

I was somewhat flattered that they found my middle age butt worthy of their attention. I was angry that their attention nearly caused a major accident.

Everything depends on the woman.

If some scrofulous filth-caked hag accosted me on skid row, I’d probably leave skid marks turning around. But if even an average-looking drunk chick was handing out peekaboos during Mardi Gras, I’d be right there tossing strings of beads.

I wasn’t the last time it happened.

No offense here.

So, what accounts for the difference between men’s and women’s typical reactions to being flashed by the opposite? Many men seem to think it’s either nice or no big deal to be flashed by a woman, but many women react negatively to being flashed by men.

This makes perfect sense to me. If a man runs across a woman acting outside the sexual norm, he has no reason to feel nervous or threatened because, in majority of cases, he’s bigger than she is and could probably handle things if, for some reason, she began to act aggressively toward him. He can (if she’s attractive) enjoy the show. Women don’t have that luxury.

If a hot woman flashed me, I’m sure I’d take a good long look too. A hot man? I’d quickly vacate the area.

Stick me on a planet where the women are both more sexually aggressive in perpetuity than guys are here, and also somewhat coarse about it, contemptuous of males even as they’re trying to get a fuck, and where, to whatever extent a guy does want a plain old screw now and then (once every 2 hours, whatever, just lope along with me here), it’s available albeit not necessary with someone nice or especially cute or the sex itself necessary very good.

Leave me there long enough to get good and acclimated.

Then ask me again.