For the computer techies out there: What components should I pick?

I have debated long and hard with myself on whether i should get all the components for the computer at once and end up with a “not so satisfactory” computer or to get them little by little and spend more to get an kickass rig. I have recently opted for the latter.

So here are the components I am going to start with:**

[li]Monitor 19"[/li][li]P4 1.8A (for overclocking)[/li][li]Motherboard with Lan/Sound (reliable, good for overclocking, USB 2.0 capable.No need for FireWire/serial ata/raid)[/li][li]512Mb of RAM[/li][li]Watercooling Case (I’m really sorry guys, but the PC is in my bedroom, and I leave it 24/24, and I’m sensitive to noise. forgive me…)[/li][li]PSU 300 or 350 W **( I think PSUs are overrated. I won’t need a 400W+. I can use the money elsewhere[/li][/list=1]
I won’t purchase a graphic card/Hard drive/CDRW/Floppy/ right now. I will use the spares I already have and wait to get something really good later.

When I say watercooling case, It has to include the components needed to cool at least the cpu. Not sure about the PSU cooling…

Those are the rules of the game. If you could include arguments, details and prices, I would be willing to transfer HUGE amounts of money to your favorite bank accounts!!!* :eek:

  • Restrictions Apply.
  • What restrictions you ask? :confused:
  • Well, basically, it’s a lie. :smiley:

Okay, I’ll take the water cooling case. I’ve been drooling over the prospect of getting one for months. This gives me the excuse to go dream shopping and drool some more.

Swiftech QuietPower: $360.


Koolance PC2-601BW: $279.95 and Koolance CPU-200S cpu cooler: $49.95. Prices are from

I think the coolest looking case I’ve seen is the]Enermax Black CSX5190AL ($499.95).

I don’t mind if you lie about the huge amounts of money, it still feels good to know that somebody would at least think about doing it. :wink: