For the Dallas Dopers.....

Our dear sweet purplebear asked me to tell y’all that she and maidenunicorn41 will be there this weekend, and would love to meet as many people as possible on Sunday morning for breakfast.

I have her cell phone number, so y’all could get in touch with her…just email me to get it!

Sounds like fun to me! It will be a nice change to GO to an Adams family gathering instead of having one descend on me for a change. (not that it hasn’t been LOTS of fun having everyone over – it has – but no one ever stays to do the dishes.) :frowning:

I’m sure I can come up with some breakfast suggestions if no one else has any ideas.

BTW Falcon, when are YOU coming back to town?

I’ll be there unless of course some warm, sweet, beautiful lady decides to spend the night with me on Saturday night, then I’d have to pass, of course. Hasn’t happened in a long time, but you never know.

All I know about breakfast places are IHOPs & Waffle Houses & Dennys and they are everywhere.


ps: Isn’t “The Addams Family” spelled with two Ds?

I believe he is referring to the Cecil Adams family.

That’s a gold star for you, Gazoo.

Buttermilk Cafe which is at Trinity Mills and the Toll road is a good spot for breakfast. As is Cafe Brazil(and cheaper), but the wait is usually long, especially for large groups. If somebody emails me date, time and location, I’ll do my damndest to show up.

Gazoo, obviously, you’ve never met the members of this group. It’s the Addams family.

I’ll put together a list of all the email addresses to send out invites to make sure everyone knows about our gatherings. But since I probably wouldn’t get around to actually sending the invites, I turn it over to Zyada so it may get done.


I’d love to do this! (I love breakfast) Do we know where PB will be staying?

I can’t organize this because I am performing that afternoon! 4-8 in South Ft. Worth. I think it’s $10 to $15 per person. If anyone would like to come to the show, tell me and I will check on the price and post directions


Someone pick a time and place. Troy, you are elected!

Here is the invitation list I have:[ul][li]Grace []Zyada []Palmyra []LynnBodoni []Chef Troy []Aglarond []Balance []AdamYax []ExTank []PSieker []SkySlash [/ul] Out of Towners who have joined us or expressed an interest [ul][]Falcon []Beakerxf []CatBiker []Irishman []Brood McEto []Beatle (I don’t have your email address) aha [/ul]I got the email addresses either from email I have received or your SDMB email address. If there is a better way to contact you, let me know (my email address is If anyone knows of anyone I may have missed or that may be interested in our get togethers, send me their email address and I’ll add them to the invitation list.[/li]

Okay, Jim, I’ll pick a place and time if you’ll handle the invites. Be sure and send Adam Yax lots of reminders.

winks at adam

I’ve requisitioned Purplebear’s cell phone number. As soon as I know what part of town they’re staying in and what their schedule is, I’ll give you the when and where.

Ok, boss, I can do this. I really can. You can count on me. I’ll get right on it as soon as you get me the info.
[sub](Pssst: Zyada, where are you?)[/sub]

Don’t worry Chef, I’ll take care of the invites.


What do you mean where am I? I’m right here! :smiley:

Zyada, I’ll send you the email list I have just in case I might not send out the invitations.

Beatle sent me his email address so that was the only missing one I had.


I did miss Beerman, MeepHead and rjk. I have added them to the official list.


[Eore]Thanks for noticing me.[/Eore] :slight_smile: I sent you my email address before I got to this last post where you added us few stragglers.

I exchanged emails with Beerman’s wife… they missed the last party because they were in the process of switching ISPs and weren’t on the boards to see the date change. They can’t make it this Sunday but want to be notified about the next get-together.

Too bad they didn’t make it to the tree-trimming party… they have three kids, age 6, 7, and 8. I just KNOW Palmyra would have been thrilled to have four kids trying to crawl into her lap from underneath instead of just one.

Oh, and Meephead? that’s spelled Eeyore.

Chef or Beerman, if the email address has changed from the one in the profile, please send me the new one so I can keep the list up to date.

I’m ready to send the invitations out as soon as we have particulars.


I spoke to Purplebear on the phone today and they’re staying at a Holiday Inn at 360 and Brown, a little ways north of I-30. My sister-in-law tells me that there’s a great Sunday brunch buffet right there at the hotel - her family goes there for birthdays and such - and I figure that way Purplebear and Maidenunicorn won’t have to worry about getting lost finding the place.

So we’re looking at **Sunday, December 10th, at 11 a.m.**The address of the hotel, for those who want to get a map, is

1507 N. Watson Road
Arlington, TX 76006

I don’t think Mrs. Chef is going to be able to make it… it depends on her schedule, but I’ll bet she’s working. Chef Jr. and I, on the other hand, WILL be there.

Jim, I have Beerman’s new address. I’ll email it to you along with the particulars above.

Purplebear said that if anyone wants to get together for a drink tonight after 10 pm, she and Maiden Unicorn are up for it. I can’t because of the wife/kid thing, but if anyone is up for some revelry with south Texas beauties, now’s your chance.

anyone who’s interested in getting together with them tonight, email me and I’ll send you purplebear’s cell phone number.