For the love of god and all that is holy, SHUT THE FUCK UP

“We-helcome to the kingdom”

Drop it, Burger King. I’m beginning to hate you.

“We-helcome to the kingdom.”

[sub]Daaaaammnnnn youuuuu.[/sub]

The jumpin’ hipster in the first commercial that may or may not have involved Shaq depending on what the network felt like was bad enough. He looked like a clown.

This Simpsons thing is even more maddening. Is that guy they have saying that shit now supposed to remind us of Homer? It just reminds me of stupid.

But why in the name of everlasting fuckfuck do they have to run it twice? Burger King is my favorite fast food place, but I’m beginning to hope that they’re paying so copiously out the ass to run that commercial that they’ll tank. If it gets them to shut up, then, well…

There are certain types of advertising that have the reverse effect of what the clever lil’ bastard who though of them had hoped. This commercial is one of them.

Yeah, yeah change the channel. I just wonder just what the hell is going on.

You will be assimilated… Resistance is futile.

Stay away from my ass… I just had breakfast burretos.