For the love of god somebody please invent the USB breathalizer already

Screw my drunk ramblings on this board… sure they’re embarassing sometimes, and might eventually cost me the price of admission.

But as (technically) a professional poker player, it can be downright disastrous.

If I can’t blow .08 or less… I don’t get access to the internet… and I’ll play Star
Control through my Sega emulator, maybe Risk against computer opponents, or go the hell to bed.

I believe it’s called PUI. (posting under the influence)
Like I said, that’s one thing, but fucking around with your own livelihood is much worse.

Showing up to work snookered? I’d call HR. You should be fired.

I don’t think there is a HR department. Being unemployed with a membership at PartyPoker doesn’t mean you are a professional poker player. It means you are unemployed

A USB breathalizer is great idea.

If yer postin’ under the influence, it’s a gamble as to whether your thread gets to stay open. Most often, you lose that gamble.

‘Cause we’re big ol’ meanies like that.