For the Non-Posters....

This is for those of you who rarely post, if ever. Here is an opportunity for you to post your comments on whatever you wish. Try not to make this a Pit worthy topic, though…


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OK, I’ve resisted the temptation until now, but I’ve had a couple of Heinekens, so I may as well confess: Cessandra and I went to the same high school. I graduated about 23 years earlier, however.

I posted a couple of replies and even started my own topic last week, so I’m not sure if I’m even still a member of the hardly-ever-posts club. But anyway.

Since this is MPSIMS, I’d like to take this opportunity to comment on Movietime Popcorn. It’s gross. It comes in an awkwardly long plastic bag. It boasts about being “buttered flavour.” It proudly displays the information that it’s “ready to EAT.” It tastes like salted foam packing peanuts. So it’s almost like the crap they give you (or sell to you for absurd prices, more accurately) in multiplex cinemas, except worse because it’s cold and slightly moldy. …And I’m eating it anyway.

Yeah, I’m done here.

I come here on a fairly regular basis to learn. I take a look at the pit once in a while, and I’ve noticed several morons posting there. Or maybe it’s just one moron.

I hope the other boards are left alone by these idiots.

Kozmo the lurker.

Wolfie –

Lurkers are as necessary to this board as any, and may post after they feel comfortable in our little neighborhood. Encouraging them to post before they are ready, could draw undue attention to them. To wit:

Wolf – “Boy, you got a purty sig line.” Obnoxious, but purty.

Octagenarian – Most folks make confessions about themselves and Cessandra after a few Heinekens. Your confession is junst more mundane than most.

Err – So you’ve tasted the Styrofoam packing peanuts, huh? It tastes bad and you continue eating it? Can you say “compulsion?”

In a nutshell, Wolfie: Please don’t feed the lurkers.

::Going back to bed so I can get out on the right side now::

Where, hopefully, his dog has dug a large pit that will lead directly to…

Ag80 – I don’t recall ever mentioning what high school I went to, in fact I’ve gone to lengths to avoid mentioning it. What high school is it that you mean?

ChiefScott - HEY! Just what kind of a girl do you think I am?

Wait, nevermind, everybody here knows just what kind of a girl I am.


Killed a man with no hands. . .

Yeah, you’re a lust.

Or was it sult?

Never mind. :slight_smile:

It’s immoral to allow a sucker to keep his money.

I would say this topic is open to any who do not post on a regular basis, or just started posting on a regular basis. That does not mean if you do post on a regular basis that you would get flamed… at least, not by me.

Kozmo- The Pit is meant for the ‘idiots’ to exist. Otherwise they would visit the other boards, and cause trouble there. I would say just let what lies sleeping *lay sleeping…*When I visit The Pit, I try to remain civil and give reasons, so as not to become an ‘idiot’.

ChiefScott- I agree, but if the ‘lurkers’ are not ready to post, they are not going to post, even on a topic intended for them.


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I’m a live and let live type o’ guy most of the time…

Now how in the hell did I piss off Cess?


I didn’t say it was Schlitz he was a drinkin’.

Cessandra –

I don’t know if you ever mentioned it, but someone did way back in the prayer in high school thread. I thought it was quite a coincidence, so I remembered. Of course I could be wrong. Oh yeah, it was good old Cy-Fair Senior High.

Wow, I’m really amazed. I honestly don’t remember anyone mentioning my high school in that thread. In fact, that was the particular thread in which I was trying NOT to have my school’s name mentioned. I’m going to go back and look it up.


Killed a man with no hands. . .