For Those Interested in the Harry Potter movie....

Just thought I’d get the word out to those who are Harry Potter fans on this board: the trailer for the movie is now online, for those wise souls who do not want to trek to see See Spot Run in order to view it. It can be found at numerous sites like or my favorite (because I could download the trailer onto my computer)

Thanks! I’m on my way there right now! :slight_smile:

I got into Ravenclaw.


What a cool trailer! Some of the shots were unfinished and hadn’t had the effects applied (no surprise there - they’re still shooting the live action after all!) but wow - what’s done so far look outstanding!

Those kids look so much like the characters it is scary! And Snape! Alan Rickman is soooo perfect!

I’m a happy Muggle!

I’m a Gryffindor.

See you in the Quidditch cup! ^__~

Hagrid doesn’t look nearly as massive as Rowling’s made him out to be. I was looking forward to a monstrous man with a more impressive beard. Also doesn’t look anything near 65.

Questions: where’s Harry’s scar? What’s the deal with the smoke on the Hogwarts Express? Why doesn’t Ron have redder hair?

wowee! looks like it’s going to be very nice. i like hagrid, he looks like i imagined him. they all do, pretty much, except her… harm… the brainy girl.

-fh, marking the day

I got into Gryffindor hurrah!!

I’m still looking for platform number 9 1/2.

Shouldn’t that be 9 3/4?

Another for Gryffindor here!

I got Slytherin.

I knew i shouldn’t have spent that sack of Galleons.

Ravenclaw, here.

I thought the eel-flavored bean was pretty bad, until I found the underpants-flavored one. Ewwwww…

I was surpirsingly pleased with the trailer except Hermione’s hair looks a little too unkempt. She should hae every hair in place the little perfectionist that she is.

For me the highlight is definitly Alan Rickman. His only scene in the trailer is at the opening diner where turban heand is talking to him but he is staring Harry down. Such a great look. (Actually I want Rickman to play Sirius and have Jermey Irons play Snape)

I too wanted to see the scar and generally Harry seems pretty happy through out the trailer except at the end.

Yeah, but in the book Rowling describes her hair as frizzy. In Goblet of Fire, Hermione is excited about her hair because she put a spell on it that flattenened it out for the ball, but was disapointed that it went away so fast.

I’m pumped about Snape just like everyone else is.

Thanks for the link! I was impressed by the trailer, I’ve been having a love/hate sort of thing with the whole concept of a Harry Potter movie, but watching the trailer made me so eager to see the film when it comes out.

I know Hermione is supposed to have frizzy hair, but the hair in the trailer didn’t look like what it looks like in my head – always the sad thing about movies, I suppose.

I also liked the animated train sequence that was the intro to the website, very cool!

Count me in as another Ravenclaw.

What, no Hufflepuffs, yet? I’m a Gryffindor.

I love the cast. Love Alan Rickman (I do agree that he’d have been great as Sirius, though). Love Maggie Smith. Love Richard Harris. Love John Cleese. It’s gonna be great! I can’t imagine it would be easy to cast Hagrid, though. There aren’t many part-Giants left out there, and I’d imagine that those there are can’t act. They did pretty well.

Hermione’s (and I was so glad that we finally learned how to pronounce her name properly in Goblet of Fire!) hair, if you look at the cover of Book 3, looks very like the actress’. I think it’s excellent casting overall.

I know this is getting ahead of the game, but I’d really like to know who they have in mind for Gilderoy Lockhart!

…don’t want to wait till November (and I’ve already pre-ordered book 5 at Amazon!)


I can’t tell you how happy I am that I’m in Slytherin…

Another Gryffindor here! What a cool webpage! And I love the trailer. I can hardly wait for November!

Yes I know it’s supposed to be frizzy but I originally pictured her with kind of curly hair but the more I think about her I would think she would have very percise and controlled hair as she is kind of a control freak.

My big worry is how are they going to make all of the films? I want the cast to stay the same so are they going to make one a year? Will Alan Rickman and all the others make a HP movie a year for the next six years?