For those who helped my anguish w/ Boy 2.0's colic, a little something

A very CUTE little something.

Here’s a cute little something more.

Things are going much, much better this week, for both of us. Can you tell?

He’s SMILING! Yay! (And he’s absolutely adorable…)

HELLO! That’s a happy little baby!

My name is Ellen and I approve of happy smiling babies.

Oh he’s so cute! I’m glad he’s happier!

Eee! Happy little Winston Churchill! :smiley:

Dammit, my doctor is already worried about my blood sugar. Gonna have to go on insulin now!!!

::: pancreas explodes from the cuteness :::

He’s so cute! Great smile, intelligent eyes, handsome boy! It was (almost) worth it, right?:wink:

I wish I had one of those around here.

You have a wonderful baby; absolutely wonderful.