For Women. Another Female Sexuality Probe.

Assume you are unencumbered with having a signifcant other.

It is Friday night, you have just had after work drinks with your married co workers in a local hotel pub. They have just left and you are finishing off your drink wondering how you are going to spend the weekend.

Then an attractive well known female personality from out of town strikes up a conversation with you at the bar.

You have always respected this woman

You are honored by her attention and fascinated by your conversation with her. This goes on for over an hour.

Then she looks deeply into your eyes and suggests you might want to come up to her room and “see her etchings”.

You now realize however subtley that she wants to do you.

What do you do ?

Poll coming

Well, since I’m neither gay nor bisexual, I politely decline. Then I tell everyone I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

I waited for the poll, yet none of the answers fit. I’m a straight female, and I’m neither thinking that she’s a pervert, tingling with anticipation, nor going with her. I’m just “meh, no thanks”.

I’m not seeing a “bisexual” option.

I’m sorry about that. Clearly I blew it.

with regard to the bisexual option, I’m hoping bisexual dopers respond in the lesbian category. If you are both straight and lesbian, the significance of your answer is much more relevant in the “radical” category.

I don’t think she is a pervert, but I’m not interested in sex with women.

I’m straight and I’ll do her. I’ve always been curious. Of course, I always reserve the right to decline sex.

Having had an experience like this on the male side, I was only comfortable enough (having had a few drinks) to allow the man to do me. I would never do him.

ISTM that there’s an assumption by some men, and maybe some women, that most women will do another woman, if only because she’s curious, even if she’s not lesbian or bi. Especially if she’s very sexual. I’m here to tell you that it’s just not true. I’m one of the most sexual women around, and I wouldn’t do another woman, because I’m just not interested. Not even curious.

I’d be like, “thanks but no.” Without thinking she is a pervert. Unless she’s Julia Stiles. In that case, game on. (I don’t usually find women attractive, there are maybe 2 on the “might do” list).

You’ve hit the nail on the head. But is your impression of other women more valid than mine as a generality ? Let’s find out.

I ask the moderators to lock this thread and allow me to repost a poll with better options.

OP, your ability to write polls is really really bad.

Anyway, even sven has my answer. No, I’m not interested. No, not even on the internet. There’s nothing wrong with her asking, though.

Request granted.