For you it was Mother's Day. For me, it was Christmas

I live in a bizarre universe, where mail actually arrives on Sunday. Yesterday I walked in after having lunch with a friend, and my building manager grabbed me-- saying that a package had arrived with my name on it. Turns out it was my mighty belated replacement Secret Santa gift! Yippee!

That_Darn_Cat sent me some mighty strange stuff. A CD and four CD cases. Soap. A picture frame. Tabasco Sauce. Signatures of everyone from a Philly Dopefest. Two mugs (one shaped like a boot-- a jibe at my Canadianess?) and a broken plastic US flag.

I have a feeling the flag broke in transit, otherwise it has some mighty strange political ramifications :wink:

So of course I check out the old thread that I started two months ago,

And I see that after my final post, whistlepig chimed in saying he tried to email me a request for t-shirt sizes in December! Sorry whistler, but I didn’t check the thread after that particular day-- and for whatever reason I never got your emails in December. FWIW, I tend to wear small T-shirts :slight_smile: and I have since changed my email address (but I recommend everyone put SDMB in the subject line, or I might accidentally wipe it out as unread spam…)

Thanks for making my day!

Hey, I got some stuff, too. I got a week or so ago, and mine was from moi, who I think is that_darn_cat’s SO, friend, roomate, something. :slight_smile: (I know I read this info somewhere, but have forgotten the details.)

I got a wine holder, some seeds that I planted in my back yard, and a very colorful garden flag. The best part, though, was the note from the Philly Dopers. Thanks, y’all.

Yay! I’m glad that your stuff finally got there. It was a challenge getting it shipped, one day the post office was closed early, then they informed me the “Priority Mail” stickers were a no-go for mail to BC. So, it was a little later than I intended.

And the flag was indeed intact when I shipped it. Too bad, I thought a little nothern territory would be nice. :wink:

And yes, moi is my sweetie.

Ah well, you can give me another when I move to NYC in September…

Hi, Brynda! :smiley:
So glad everything got there, unlike Barbarian’s experience, all in one piece.