Secret Santa bragging thread.

Fairy Chat Mom suggested it and here it is. Let everyone know what you received from your Secret Santa. Marshamouse sent hers and my gifts out on Monday, the recipients should have them soon.

So, whatta ya git???

I got “The Onion: Dispatches from the Tenth Circle” 2004 day-by-day calendar. It takes an act of gawrd for me to buy anything for myself, generally speaking…so as I said in the other thread, I would have walked past it, coveted it, and not bought it. I’ve never had a day-by-day calendar before. It’s taking considerable will-power to not open it RIGHT NOW and start browsing. :smiley: RickQ was the brilliant gifter.

I received my Secret Santa parcel today, completely anonymous so far. I did open the card, which features Elvis, and inside was a postcard with a picture of P-3s at NAS Pax River - my Secret Santa pays attention, I see.

There were 3 wrapped packages in the big box, and because my inlaws were due, I didn’t open any yet. Plus my poopy husband said I should wait till Christmas. I don’t know how long I can listen to him.

I’m pretty sure my Santa is a MAD, based on the postmark. I’m gonna do a little sleuthing to try to figure it out, unless said Santa owns up to it in this thread. Whoever you are, I’m gonna figure it out.

Oh yeah, and thanks! :smiley:

I really really wanna open the boxes. I may have to send my spousal unit out of the house in order to do that!

I’m pretty sure my Santa is a MAD



MAD=Maryland Area Dopers, I think.

Mid-Atlantic Doper

It wasn’t a stretch for me to come to that conclusion - the postmark is from west of Richmond in Virginia. It would be easy to figure out if everyone had a proper location listed.

But I haven’t given up yet. I like a good mystery…
[sub](won’t I be embarrassed if the name is on the box and I just missed it?)

I have an apology to make to my giftee - Idle Thoughts I have purchased said gift but I have had the flu and I have been in bed sick since last weekend. I am still poorly sick so I may not get it posted until next week but it will get there! I promise upon pain of some taking away my Nyquil and box of tissues


I got mine! And it’s… MONEY! Which is always a good gift.
I also got some Ghiradelli chocolate which is my favorite brand, I’m wondering if I posted that at some point.

Thanks Brynda!

Aww…it’s okay. You didn’t have to tell me who you were. I would have been happy as long as it got here anytime before Jan 31st.

I hope you have a speedy recovery. Get lots of rest and don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:

You didn’t post that (or at least I didn’t see it) but who doesn’t like Ghiradelli chocolate?

Hope those legos are out of layaway now. :slight_smile:

i started a thread a few days ago to thank my secret santa. it is called santa arrives.

There’ll be something warm and fuzzy headed north on Monday. I miscalculated the size, and had to scrunch it into the box. Hopefully it’ll puff back up when it’s removed.

I got a box [a red plaid box, no less :^)] from racer72 yesterday! I let it sit on the floor and stare at me for a while, but it just wasn’t going to make it til Christmas [and opening it on Christmas would’ve required driving it half way across the country…], and so opened it last night. All sorts of fun stuff! A card [my first Chirstmas card this year], a Kittens & Cats calendar, a Mt. Ranier post card, a note pad, pick up sticks, candles, coffee, an assortment of candy, those disolvy cinnamon breath strips, and a Washington State Ferries Chirstmas tree ornament. Thank you! [And it smells wonderful…]

Your welcome. My wife did most of the selecting.

OK, I caved and opened my gifts. There was a really cool flamingo pen on a stand - and it’s got real feathers on top! I love it.

There was also a box of note cards with prints of various famous artworks on them - very very nice! I almost hate to use them to write to anyone! But they’re not quite big enough to frame.

Finally, something I’m taking as a clue. It’s a small matted print of a country store. On the door of the pickup truck is the name of the store and “Scotland, Md” underneath. As it happens, Scotland, Md is in St. Mary’s county, which is where we hope to be living soon.

Then there was the postcard of the P-3s at NAS Pax River - a double clue perhaps? Like perhaps my Secret Santa is also one of my pranksters? The Virginia postmark on the package is, I suspect, a red herring. Unless my Santa is also sneaky.

But I now have a definite suspicion…

Whoever you are, Secret Santa, thank you ever so much! I love the selections you made and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about opening it already. Ho Ho Ho!! :smiley:

I posted in the Secret Santa thread that I got mine, but I love it so much I will post again.

I got a Santa ornament from Lsura. I love Santa anything, and as an added bonus, it was a Santa that was from her region. Rock on :slight_smile:
I will be sending out my package tomorrow to Arizona :wink:

You’re welcome ever so much!

It was getting a little cramped down in the hole with Saddam.

I used to live in the apartment behind the country store and an old friend of mine made the drawing. I’m glad you liked them.

I was promised my gift would be delivered by the 22nd. However, the place that I got it from did not offer gift tags or special messages.

So, my secret giftee, if your receive a unmarked box on or about Dec 22, it ain’t a bomb. Everybody else— soak it in water before you open it.

Ah - so my suspicions were correct - dbygawdcapn, I thought you were my Santa! I’ve already made a mental note to drive down and look for the country store. We haven’t gone farther south than St. Mary’s City.

Oh, and I forgot to mention: I balled up the foil wrap that you used on the picture, and the cat has had a blast chasing it around the living room. I consider that a bonus gift!

And the flamingo pen is super cool! :smiley:

I haven’t sent mine out just yet, though I know what I’m getting them. Good thing for me the store and the post office are right next to each other. I can’t believe how much I procrastonated this year. So if you haven’t gotten it yours yet it’s probably because the rest of us are lazy bums!

I will get it out today though.