For your consideration..

A guy (or a female) digs a ditch for eight hours.

YOU have contracted to have a something built.

His or hers phyisical input doesn’t matter.

YOU have signed the contract, guaranteed the labor. And…there it is.

‘THEIR’ working for you…guarantees that the ‘job’ will get done.

BECAUSE…your Employers make thousands of times more money than you.

They don’t ‘Work.’

They don’t ‘Care.’

The “Middle Class” are the folks who are too stupid, too under-advantaged, too unedecutated to REALLY know what is going on.

In every country.
And by whatever criterion ‘they’ evaluate their position…‘They’ are too comforting…

Time, NOW, to INSIST on purity of motivation, …to REALIZE that every. single. human. being. on. this planet. deserves. to. be. honored. and recognised. and given the chance to SPEAK LOUDY in ‘their’ consideration or\ what is ‘Religious’ and what is “Right.”