Foreign country snack care packages

When I arrive at a new country before even finding the hotel or AirBnB I stop off at a gas station and load up on snacks I’ve never seen before. They could be nasty, could be great, either way it’s one of the best parts of travelling for me.

Turns out a company called Umai sends my buddy here in the States a care pack every month loaded with an assortment of Japanese treats and snacks.

I was wondering if there is something like this for other countries, or perhaps one that sends things from multiple countries.

I do the same thing. I couldn’t wait to try ketchup chips, for instance. I am able to wait to have them again, however. :smiley:

ETA: If this service you’re looking for exists, I wanna sign up too.

The service your friend uses is prolly and the product he gets is prolly the Umai Crate (umai means “delicious” or good").

ETA: Wow! Turns out there’s a few companies that do this!

OP, where do you live? Most metro areas in Western countries have a plethora of ethnic grocery stores. Here in the Bay Area I am five minutes’ drive from Indian, Korean, Russian, Mexican, Japanese and Turkish stores, and that’s just of the top of my head. You might also find fresh foods that are hard to come by, like the whole chickens (WHOLE whole, with heads and feets) at the mercado. Or even cheap staples, like the huge bags of onions at the Indian supermarket.

And, of course, all the whacky snacks you dream of!

I live in the Twin Cities. I hit up every ethnic grocery store I can find.

I went with the $14 Yum Box at Universal Yums. I’ll post the contents when it gets here!

One of my favourites pastimes when I’m away! Followed closely by purchasing things in some foreign place simply because the packaging is so awesome.

Or when you point to something and ask the shopkeeper what it is, receiving an explanation that causes you to cock your head like a cocker spaniel. (And then, you buy it anyway!)

Try The World is a possibility.

What a fabulous thread! I’m gonna try some stuff!

Missed edit window: I just signed up for a monthly $14 box. I’m so impressionable. I hope there aren’t any…um…*insect *snacks.

This is a fabulous present for the person/family who doesn’t need any more “stuff.” A great conversation piece.

Not a good one. I signed up and received my first box as promised - it was fine- then never got another one. There was no contact email on their website. I found a review site with a bunch of unhappy customers like me. Never got my money back either.

Crap, I already signed up for the three month thing. So I guess we’ll see. Thanks for the heads up.

Wow, Try The World has loads of either 5 or 1 star ratings everywhere, that smells shady as shit.

My brother in law gave me a Try The World for Christmas last year and it was great. We got a box of stuff every other month. It wasn’t just snacks; it was ingredients to make a meal (I had to add chicken or whatever, of course). I like cooking so it was a great gift. I’m sorry to hear others didn’t get their boxes. I really hoped the company would be successful.
A friend of mine travels to Asia on business more often than you’d think is reasonable. He brings back all sorts of odd little eatables.

I and my sister were happy with Try the World until they screwed up delivery on my last order. So no more from them, we agreed.

I just got my first box in the mail with Belgian snacks! The box is not big–it’s about the size of a cigar box. From my perspective there are MAYBE enough snacks to share with one other person…maybe, if you really like them (the people that is. If you really like the snacks, maybe not). More appropriate for one person to consume over a week or so. I’m glad my first box didn’t contain chocolate-covered crickets or something. The cost (I think) is $14/mo with free shipping in the USA. I think there’s a bigger box that more people can share.

From the very informative and descriptive brochure that was enclosed (full color on glossy paper):
[li]Picnic Suikerwafel (waffle cookie-- lengthy description and ingredient/nutrition facts)[/li][li]The Belgian Seashells (chocolates)[/li][li]Rogers & Rogers Black Pepper & Sea Salt Potato Chips[/li][li]Caramelized Biscuit Milk Chocolate Bar (resembles Kit Kat–but very upscale)[/li][li]Hamlet Buttercream Truffles[/li][li]Creme Brulee White Chocolate (two tiny pieces)[/li][li]Strawberry Nougat (two tiny pieces) [/li][li]Trefin Vienna BonBons (fruity candy- two tiny pieces)[/li][/ul]

Here are some past boxes:

I was very pleased with my first package from SnackCrate. All Polish snacks, and all delicious. Chocolates, potato chips, wafers, cookies…all good. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Got my box today, and it was short 3 items. What I mean is: there’s a scorecard included with pictures of each item and the scorecard showed 13 things, but I only got 10. The 2 I’ve tried were great (Roger’s Chips and a seashell chocolate, both from Belgium), but I canceled my subscription immediately.

ETA: I got the same inventory that ThelmaLou did, but I only got one of the Creme Brûlée White Chocolate; the scorecard shows two.

I also got two of the Trefin Vienna candies but the scorecard shows 4.

Oldest sends BF in Britistan peanut butter-filled pretzels. He’s Japanese, so he was raised on the worst snacks this side of deepfried cicadas.

I’ve sent care packages all over, I had to search but even to SDMB members. There are significant differences even between Canada and the U.S. Our Smarties are much better for example :wink: As an alternative to travelling or using a service, you could probably recruit a safe and mutually beneficial trade from many established posters here. Seems to me we had members teaching English in Japan and Korea. If you like Nestlé KitKats, Japan is Mecca basically because of a pun on the name. Kitto Katsu means “surely win or succeed” so it’s a good luck treat for students taking exams and this made it the No. 1 seller in the country and consequently Nestlé makes all kinds of exclusive flavours, two kinds of green tea, short runs mind-boggling variety.