Fork 4, Hillary: Now it's Personal

Okay, North Carolina and Indiana are out of the way. I must admit I expected Hillary to blow Obama away in Indiana and keep him within a few percent in North Carolina. The exact opposite happened!

So, now what? Is Hillary done? Does she bow out gracefully, or try to drop a wrecking ball on Obama’s house? The pundits on MSNBC are saying she’s toast, but they’re pretty much (with the exception of Maddow) in the Obama camp anyway.

And what about the Supers? Do they begin acting on that writing staring back at them on the wall, or do they stand pat.

West Virginia’s up next, and I haven’t heard anyone say Obama has a chance in Hell of beating Hillary there, but where does that sentiment come from?

The trickle of supers will swell to a flood.

I am willing to wager that she concedes within a week.

Oh, I forgot to note that Clinton has cancelled all of her scheduled appearances for tomorrow – a fact that Tim Russert noted in calling it over for her: “We now know who the nominee is.”*

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Every primary for the last few months I’ve been thinking… Okay, this thing is going to end tonight, Hillary will drop out, and Obama can finally run for president.

This was the last night of the Democratic primary. I really hope I’m not wrong again.

I think it was when she tried to down a shot of Crown Royal with a cheekful of Skoal, and puked all over her Manolos, that was the turning point…

I absolutely do not think that Hillary is done yet. The supers will decide this, and it’s going to be very messy. I hope I’m wrong.

There is no way to bow out gracefully at this point.

I expect her to come back Thursday, crying about how mommy and daddy taught her to never, ever give up(!), and then talk about how Obama has an illegitimate black baby.

She’ll drop in the next few days. She’s been hanging on hoping that Obama would implode, but the Rev. Wright thing damaged Obama about as much as any likely scandal is going to, and tonight he was still able to keep winning enough delegates to make it clear she’ll never come close to catching him in elected delegates before the convention.

It was not a good night for Hillary.
My guess is that there are a lot of telephone calls made today…and one might be from Hillary to Obama.

I think Hillary really has decided that running as VP with Obama might not be such a bad idea after all. It is up to Obama if he wants her to drop out and end it now, with that promise of making her his VP candidate, or if he is willing to drag it out to the bitter end (which I think he will do) and choose someone else and go for it.

Most likely Hillary was dead asleep by the time the final results of Indiana came in. A win, yes…but not the deciding romp she was hoping for. The morning is not going to be good for her - money isn’t exactly going to be flowing in on her website today. That makes a heap of difference.

She has to know her chances of getting the nomination are about zip now.

Let’s see how she wraps it up - with grace early, or with bile to the last minute.

Except for fundraisers!

Rumors are that she has loaned her campaign more money recently, and if she can’t start raising money again, she’s really toast. She may need to ask Obama to pay off her campaign debt. That should be interesting.

He could tell her to let the oil companies pay it.

I think she has no interest in the VP spot because she wants Obama to lose to McCain anyway so she can run her “I told you so” campaign in 2012. But if not today, then before the end of the week she’s got to pack it in.

Well, looks like I was right in Indiana, and under in NC. I think I can live with that. So, she’s going to win West Virginia… and maybe Puerto Rico.

But does she have the clout to seat MI and FL as is, now?

I’d be very surprised if Hillary accepted the VP slot, but I wouldn’t bet against it-- stranger things have happened. I would, however, bet that her concession speech will include tears.

I just don’t see it. She’s already one of the most influential Senators around. Why would she accept a VP slot that would be a step down? The only way UP for her is the top slot. She might want to barter for one of her own in the VP gig but not herself. Committee assignments and chairs are going to be more important than ever if the Democrats hold serve and gain several more Senate seats this November.

Plus, hell, if you take that slot you need to bank on it being eight years before running again. Other than death or disability the incumbent gets the nod in 2012. The only exception would be a complete implosion of an Obama presidency. In that case she, as VP, would also be tainted with that brush and not able to run again.

So if she takes the VP slot she’ll be in her 70s when she’s capable of running again AND she’d be losing some damn plum Senate posts. No, the VP slot makes no sense for her.

I heard that too. I’d hate to see my donations to him go to her. (first time campaign contributor)

Does he really need to buy her off at this point? Perhaps the better route is to just spend her into the poorhouse in WV and Kentucky.

Does he really have to rescue her financially to win back her voters in the general?

Ooh, I hope she quits today.

Obama '08

Since this seems to be little more than a collection of personal observations about Hillary Clinton that has not actually developed into a debate, I’m sending this over to IMHO.

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Ahhhhh :smiley: Life is … good.

Anyone hear her entire speech last night in Indiana? Thanking her family, she can now see her husband again, etc…etc…? Yeah, she’s going to be getting a lot of phone calls tonight.

The honorable thing to do would be to step up and back Barack Obama. She could gain some composure back by doing that. Staying in the back rooms until August would be cheeky at best, if she stands up and unites behind Obama this democratic party could really strengthen against the republican smear machine now sharpening it’s sabers for Obama.

Will she stand up and try to unite behind Obama? Judging by her past I would say , I doubt it.

All of this could have been said of LBJ ahead of the 1960 Democratic presidential primary. I wonder why he took the VP slot then?

Isn’t it nice, that whether Hillary is FORKED is no longer a debate, merely an observation?

Obviously, because he already knew he was gonna have Kennedy shot :wink:

Oh pish. She was all kisses and hugs with Newt Gingrich after she became a senator, I’m sure she’ll have no trouble making nice with Obama after she pulls out of the race.